Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes he shows he cares...

I mentioned in previous posts that my parents do not have the perfect marriage but a committed marriage. He shows little emotion to her or anyone, not even us. As for buying her gifts, he leaves it to me and gives me the credit card. I always act surprised at what he came up with on Christmas but she knows I went out and bought it.

Tonight, I came home and had to borrow his credit card to reconnect my cell phone. He told me that he saw a sale in the paper for a heart necklace and wanted to get it for my mom but he has does not have a car or means to get to the store. This totally shocked me. He said he was going to call me but.... my cell phone was disconnected. I am still floored that he thought of her and wanted to buy this for her. It just shows he really does care.

My goal now is to find her a heart necklace or heart earrings since it was his thoughts. She has a nice heart necklace from Kaye's, the open heart series. I was thinking since he had the idea of a heart that matching heart earrings would be nice to this collection. Really , it was his idea this year just tweeked a little.

On another note.... I keep asking the question... What else bad can happen in my life? I think I need to change that to ... Bring it on. Honestly, things happen now and it does not phase me anymore. My mom was pulling out of our store parking lot and hit my car on the side bumper. Not a small scratch either , she scratched the whole corner of it. I got out and just looked at her. She looked back and said... I will pay for it. I told her ... Yeah right. Oh well, deed is done.


That corgi :) said...

That is sweet of your father to think about a gift this year, Becky. I'm sure whatever you find will be just wonderful! I think sometimes men just don't know what to get for their wives, maybe the way they were raised they didn't get that knowlege, maybe it wasn't emphasized in their homes, whatever. But at least he knew that he should get a gift right and take it upon himself to have you do it instead of getting something that more than likely would have to be exchanged.

You know, you could be on something there with all the "mishaps" in your life and taking them in stride. We went through a period of time with a lot of car repairs and my worry about them. Once I adopted the attitude that the money wasn't really mine but money God had allowed me to have and once I got that attitude that it was only money, those car repairs pretty much stopped (for at least a good year, now we are needing tires and whatnot, but its okay :)


The Brown Recluse said...


Storms never last, bad times pass, and the sun will shine again. I know it's been so tough on you walking through this fire, but you are going to be such a strong vessel when it this trial is over. It's sometimes had to believe that we're going to be OK in the midst of a storm, but God knows...He knows.

Your dad sounds like my dad. It hasn't been until these recent years that he's really tried with his gift giving. I think our dads care deeply, but have no idea how to express love.

Marcia said...

Can you make it snow in Florida? I am in the holiday spirit this year and really am missing home(chicago) I hope the cookie sale went well, and Your dads gift sounds lovely!