Friday, December 10, 2010

Family Update...

My Dad is doing so-so. He still can not drive. The car was totaled. We only had liability coverage but did have medical. He has had his defibrillator go off three more times since the accident. Once he was on the phone and knew it, the other two he was asleep but they were not black-out spells.

My grandfather, however, nothing has changed. He is mean and honorary if not worse than ever. He has been lied to by my mom's sister so much that he hates my sister and brother. My mom's sister has convinced him they were behind the DMV possibly revoking his license. She claims she went to the DMV and has an email from my sister that she sent to them. This is all a lie. My sister nor brother sent nothing to the DMV. Neither of them wanted his license they just wanted him cared for 24 hours a day and were willing to call social services to have an intervention. The woman is full of lies and deceitfulness. My sister is almost to the point of calling her to ask for a copy of the email so that she may press charges against the one forging her name. She said she is waiting the holidays out.

Speaking of the holidays. Christmas Eve is always at my sister's house but provided by my mom. Her house is bigger. My mom's sister,my grandparents and cousins join us also. Christmas night is traditionally at my grandparent's house. We thought we would have one last Christmas there but it is not going to happen. My grandfather is refusing to come to my sister's house on Christmas Eve. She can come to his house but the last time she was there he was plain rude to her when she came to make sure he had food. This is all ridiculous and it is all because of the evil woman, my mom's sister. So my cousin is driving in for Christmas Eve at my sister's house, staying the night with their sons and then driving back home after Christmas breakfast with her kids. She informed my grandfather that she will be here Christmas but since he is choosing not to be where the family is that she will not see him. He informed her that was her decision, not his. He also said it was our decision to celebrate and leave him home alone. It is not our decision it is our tradition and his decision not to join us. So we will celebrate like normal and like we have for 40 years. My mom's sister can choose to join us or sit at home with him the whole evening. She created the mess. On Christmas day, we will have our family Christmas breakfast at my sister's house before my brother flies out with his wife to see her family and sit at an airport for five hours in a layover because she refused to take the later, cheaper flight that the layover was only 45 minutes. ( That is a whole story in itself). My mom will then go out to see my grandfather at some point on Christmas Day and then will come back to my sister's house to join the rest of her family for Christmas Dinner. He is the one being ugly. One may say it is old age but I know it is him. He was a mean old man before he was saved and has resorted back to that mean old man now. He told my mom that her and my sister needed to rethink their Christianity. He does this when things don't go his way.

Monday morning my mom went by for her usual visit to take him breakfast and the house was closed and locked up. She called for him and no answer. She went in and looked for him. She found him on the floor with just his underwear, wrapped up in a blanket white as a sheep. He had fallen at some point during the night and could not get back up. She went to get help. The neighbor came and refused to help, instead he called 911. The paramedics came and he refused to go, it is his right. The paramedic asked a few questions and said that he was calling his supervisor to report this to social services. Then the neighbor went home and called ss too. This is the 4th call we are aware of and they have not shown up yet. Remember, this is the same man that my mom's sister convinced doctors that he is able to care for himself and is mentally competent. So mentally competent that he told my mom's sister that this happened twice and my mom had called 911 two days in a row. This was not true. She says he is mentally fine just forgetful and able to care for himself. Sounds like it doesn't it. He eats the breakfast my mom serves him in the morning and she leaves him sandwiches for the rest of the day. They are always sitting on the counter the next day because he wants his meals served to him. He can get up and go to the fridge though and pour himself wine all day but he cant get anything to eat. Make sense?

You may ask why my parent's don't stay with him anymore. Well my Dad cant now but my mom is scared for her life when she is there. In the mornings, she goes long enough to feed him and maybe wash or dry a load of clothes then she leaves.He has both a pistol and a shotgun and she does not trust him. We don't know the location of the pistol, we do know where the shotgun is. With my grandfather's mentality, I do not blame her. Also, all of my mom's legal rights have been taken from her and her sister is in full legal and medical control now.


That corgi :) said...

It is sad that Social Services hasn't stepped in to help. your grand-father is a "walking disaster" with his safety and an accident ready to happen. I think you guys just need to celebrate the holidays the way you want to and if he wants to be part of it, great, if not, so be it.

praying for you


The Brown Recluse said...

I wouldn't ask why your parents don't stay with him anymore. I would only ask why does your mom keeps going over there. It should all be left up to the sister. Twere it me, I do believe I'd be washing my hands of the whole sordid affair.