Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am in trouble now...

Over the last few months we have had a stray cat that I have tried to befriend. It has wanted nothing to do with me. As of Saturday, he loves me. He came up meowing to me and I gave him some of my cat's food. That is the problem... he waits for us in the morning now at the door to bring him food. He shows up again at supper-time and now tries to come in the house. Monday night when I came home from the Y, he was sitting on my wood railing teasing my cat through the window. He ran but after I went in the house, he decided to hang out on our porch on our rail. Yesterday he saw my mom heading to the door from the car and he ran behind her and tried to go in the house. This would not be a big problem if I did not already have a precious cat. If you know anything about cats , you know you can not put two strange cats together without a few cat fights. I am not willing to try. Anyone want a nice long-haired orange tabby?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I thought I was the only one who had a family member like this

Right after Christmas, a family friend came into our business to ask me if I had written to Dear Amy recently. I was flabbergasted. He knows that un-named family member is not on my nice list. Well here is the article. I had to chuckle because it sounds just like un-named family member.

Sour relative won't apologize
Sour relative won't apologize Amy Dickinson Ask Amy
December 31, 2008
Dear Amy: A close relative has a miserable disposition with family but is the life of the party with everyone else. Everyone in the family has been repeatedly hurt by her behavior after bending over backward to make her happy. Nothing is ever good enough. When confronted with how I feel about her treatment of me, she "apologized" by saying, "I'm sorry you're feeling that way." She has never actually apologized for the way she has acted. I don't know how to handle this lack of acknowledgment.I continue building up more resentment toward my family member. As she ages and needs more care, I don't want to do anything for her. Is there any way to make her see she has never apologized for anything, and that I've never forgiven her for anything?
—Angry Family Member

Honestly, I really did not write it. I agree it does detail my un-named family member to a tee.
Here is her response.

Dear Angry: People sometimes manage to squeak around an actual apology by only acknowledging the other person's feelings, i.e., "I'm sorry you feel the way you feel." Unfortunately, this is the Nerf ball of acknowledgments. It is soft and squishy and doesn't travel very far.You need to realize, however, that your feelings and reactions are your own responsibility. You can ask your family member for an actual apology, but before you do you need to ask yourself what you will do when this apology either doesn't come or is inadequate.You may then get to the point where you realize that forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. To forgive is to release resentment and anger––to detach.When you detach, you understand that she is who she is and you can't change her. You can only control your own reactions. You can declare that you expect to be treated with respect and say what the consequences will be if this doesn't happen. So you say, "You need to treat me decently. If you don't, I won't be able to spend time with you."

I was glad to see I was not the only one who had a family member like this. I just wanted to share with you that after some of my previous posts, really I did not send in this column. I am innocent, really. Oh ,I do not like some of the advice either but that is another topic.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My ears are driving me crazy...

Ever since driving some of the hills of Georgia and having a cold my ear pressure has been all messed up. One ear gets clear and the other clogs. I have tried gum, blowing while holding my nose, and decongestant. Nothing worked.
Today I had a doctor's appointment for my blood pressure, which is great. I had him check my ears. My left ear has been the main problem. He looked at both . Well, my left ear is fine and dandy but my right ear is on the verge of infection. Go figure and try to figure that out. I can't.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I patiently waited but it never came...

I got up yesterday at 6 am and it wasn't there. I went back to sleep and received a phone call that my nephew was on his way over because school was canceled because of a winter storm. The news said around 9 am it would happen. But it still didn't happen.... well not enough to count. I guess I will have to wait longer to see some real snow around here.

I was already to make snow angels too. Oh well! One can only hope and wish.

My only question, How can the weather people on the news be that far off? Ohhh, expect 1-3 inches and we get zip , zilch, zero. NADA!

So disappointed but maybe next week. I am still a kid at heart and snow makes me happy,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice-Creamless Banana Sundae

My New Night Time Snack....

Ice-Creamless Banana Sundae

One banana, chopped
2-3 pecans, chopped
2-3 tsp chocolate syrup
squirt of cool whip in the can

Thats it just put all this in a bowl and top it with the whipped cream... Who needs ice cream.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday.. Proof God is God

Last night I was going to post on this but was exhausted and went to bed early, way early for me. Yesterday's plane crash, oh my. I was horrified when I heard about it then astonished when I heard everyone got out alive. How could that have possibly happened? Plane crashes in the water and everyone lives to tell about it. Impossible. Nope not impossible with my God. Praise God! That was two miracles in one week that I have seen. What an awesome God! Every time I get on a plane , I pray that God will hold the plane in his hands and guide us safely to our destination. That is indeed what he did yesterday with that plane. They did not make it to their destination but God guided them to safety. WOW! WOW! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is one tire, this is the one that blew and shredded during the 360. If you look closely you can see the rim was also messed up and sparks were flying.

This was my dad's scooter after we collected it all down the interstate. Surprisingly enough my brother and I were able to manipulate parts and we were able to get the scooter to run for our convention. That also was the grace of God. You see the state trooper car and the light pole in the background. The next light pole was 2 feet in front of us.

Back Home!

I am back home in my quadrant of the world, Praise the Lord! This was one of the hardest trips I have ever made because of last Saturday's mishap. My dad got sick one day while we were away too. Overall it was a productive and quite interesting trip but I am all for flying to our next destination. It felt like we were on the road all day today. I guess it felt like forever since I had to drive most of the 10 hour drive because my mom was still not up to driving.

One funny thing, we had to take my brother to the Atlanta airport to get a rental car because he was heading to another book convention in Nashville. As we were pulling off my sister called and asked if we were still near the airport which we had just left. Her father-in-law was coming for a visit from Ohio and had missed his connection flight at the Atlanta airport. So he was somewhere at that airport at the same time we were . The sad thing is with him missing his flight and being rescheduled , he still made it to Newport News eight hours before we did. I was so envious.

Back Home!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jesus Take THe Wheel...

No time for full detail but that song by Carrie Underwood has new meaning. A 10 hour drive turned into 15 hours. I will say we got the tail wind of a tractor trailer coming over on us who then adjusted but after our scooter ramp and transport in the back took control of the car. Four lanes of traffic on a busy interstate, I think we did one complete 360 but my brother believes it was two complete 360's and one telephone poll that we missed by only feet. All of us walked away and no oncoming cars were hit by us nor were hit by our scooter which went flying in the 360. According to the witness behind us the tire in our car blew out from the pressure of the tractor trailer backdraft when we swerved because the tractor trailer was coming over on us. He also said that at one point he thought we were going to flip when the second back tire blew out during our spin or spins.. Praise God we did not. The state trooper saw both blown tires and the tire marks and also said it was amazing we did not flip. We know why and we praise God for our safety.

As I said, Jesus took the wheel because we were in the hands of God because my mom was at the wheel and her hands were not on it because she was freaking out. I was coming over the seat to get the wheel because she was not knowing what to do and I could not reach it. I am amazed.

To top it off we took it to Firestone and we only needed two new tires. Total of $100.

Wow, have to run but wanted to give praise.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Off I go...

Off I go to Atlanta to the Giftmart for a business trip. We are driving because it was way too much to fly. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh different thoughts...

  1. I have discovered So far on day 2, I love it. Now why did no one tell me about this before when I was paying for another weight loss program both online and in meetings. Boy did I waste some money. If you go by there and sign up it will ask you who referred you, put in RMSLIL, that's me.
  2. I am leaving Saturday for a business trip to Atlanta. I am a bargain shopper for almost everything. Well I can not stand to pay outrageous rates for a hotel. I will spend hours looking for an off-site hotel for cheap that isn't a dump. I have only gone wrong once and that was in New Orleans( that is a post in itself) . Well I have put off booking our hotel rooms, I just was not satisfied with the rates or with the reviews if I found a good rate. Tonight I received an email from Double Tree, I joined their email when I booked my brother's honeymoon suite. Well the email was for a weekend special but I clicked the link and put in my stats and I found an awesome rate of $55 a night under the senior rate. I know I am not a senior but my parents are traveling too and they are. The best part is we needed two rooms and you could get two rooms under this rate if you are family and indeed we are. All of the other rates were $109 and above. I am so stoked. The other rate I found was $70 and $80 at Wyndham and was going to book that but had procrastinated. See how God works.
  3. Early in my days I have all these thoughts that I want to post about and then at night when I have the time , I totally forget what I was going to post about. I guess my mind is starting to get old.
  4. Ohhh yeah, I went to the doctor yesterday for a shot and was weighed.... I don't know how but I actually lost during Christmas. Really I did not do bad but I did not do good. I ate regular foods but all the desserts were were not a temptation.
  5. Please remember my friend, Jen that I mentioned in previous posts about her baby in prayer. She lost her grandmother Monday. She has been through alot since Christmas and before. Jen, I am praying for you and am sorry about your grandmother.

Well off to bed I go. I go from no posts to having lots to tell you about. Toodles!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby Hannah is back at home! Yayy!

Baby Hannah, from church came home yesterday. Here is her mom's blog for an update.

Please continue to pray for her as she recovers.