Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back Home!

I am back home in my quadrant of the world, Praise the Lord! This was one of the hardest trips I have ever made because of last Saturday's mishap. My dad got sick one day while we were away too. Overall it was a productive and quite interesting trip but I am all for flying to our next destination. It felt like we were on the road all day today. I guess it felt like forever since I had to drive most of the 10 hour drive because my mom was still not up to driving.

One funny thing, we had to take my brother to the Atlanta airport to get a rental car because he was heading to another book convention in Nashville. As we were pulling off my sister called and asked if we were still near the airport which we had just left. Her father-in-law was coming for a visit from Ohio and had missed his connection flight at the Atlanta airport. So he was somewhere at that airport at the same time we were . The sad thing is with him missing his flight and being rescheduled , he still made it to Newport News eight hours before we did. I was so envious.

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a corgi said...

I'm glad you are back safe and sound! always good to get home