Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prayer Request...

Please pray for my Sister-In-Law and her family. Her father died yesterday morning. She flew out this morning. She had already bought the ticket when she heard he was failing fast. My brother will fly out Tuesday to attend the services with her. She has arrived safely. Also pray for safe traveling mercies for him.

Also uplift my cousin in prayer. He had to have emergency hernia surgery Wednesday night. It was something that had been bothering him awhile but never told anybody. It was beyond bothering him on Wednesday when he went to the ER and had surgery within a few hours of arriving. He is a music major in his junior year in which it is mostly music classes this semester. He can not blow his trumpet for 6 weeks. Pray that the college cooperates and that he is able to continue his classes this semester.

Pray for my Dad also. He is recuperating. His cataract surgery has not been rescheduled but court was. His doctor highly recommended a lawyer so a friend of the family will be going with him in February with the medical records. He probably will still lose his license for 6 months.

Pray for me to find sub jobs this week. It is the end of the semester and high school exam time. High school teachers do not miss school during this week. That means all the subs that only do high school will also try for the middle school and elementary jobs. So, what positions do come available, there are more of us fending for them. I do have one tomorrow at an elementary school I frequent, Praise the Lord. Continue to pray for my Full Time job search also. I need more money and health insurance.

A good friend's mother is battling breast cancer. My sister's best friend is also battling breast cancer and starting radiation.There are so many more requests that I could type all night. Some are my personal requests but others are for people around me.

Lord , surround all my friends that are hurting right or sick now. May they feel your presence and know that you are in control... Amen

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I need some Mo

I have lost the MO in my MOJO. Has anyone seen it?

No motivation to eat right or exercise. I really need to find that MO.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This and That, Again...

  • Wow, I am not as young as I used to be!I took my nephew roller skating yesterday. It was the first time I have skated in 23 years. I never left the wall. It was his first time too. He went around three times while I was still getting my skates on. I really did try. He held my hand but I never left the wall. It was my best friend. He was out in the middle most of the time. The few times I went out, I stayed with the wall. My nephew told me that I have to keep trying and not quit because I will never do it if I quit. It was like my own words coming back to haunt me. I gave it a good try. I used the excuse that if I fell and got hurt , I did not have health insurance. It would really be an expensive extravaganza if that happened.
  • Water, water, I need water. I drink a lot of water. To be more precise, I drink a lot of ice water. I like my water COLD. This evening I have been craving ice water. I have not had a lot because of all nights, tonight the ice maker broke. I feel like a camel. I can not get quenched tonight because I am not drinking as much because I WANT MY ICE.
  • I had a really good weekend. I spent a lot of time with my nephew. He was such a delight this weekend. Thank You Lord for blessing me with him.
  • I have more to write but I am tired. Night all.

Update on my Dad...

His procedure was scheduled for 11:30 AM. My mom went up early in case they took him early. As of 2:15 , they had not taken him. She finally went and asked the nurse who gave her the brush off so she found another nurse. This nurse called and found out it had been rescheduled for 4:30 PM. Oh boy, my Dad has no patience so he spent the day stewing. He could not eat all day. He was so mad he refused to watch television. This is what my mom had to face all day. He finally had his defibrillator replaced and was out of the procedure at 5:30 PM. Just in time for dinner. Since he had his procedure so late, he can not come home until tomorrow. So he gets to stew again all night.

All this to say , when I last left the hospital, he was doing great.

Thanks for your prayers and comments.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My life...

My life.... It changes anyday at any given time.

Today, my mom headed out to check on my grandfather this morning. Shortly after she leaves my Dad's doctor calls returning his call about paperwork he needs for court tomorrow. They asked my Dad if he could get there within the hour because the doctor was there. I rushed to get ready, my nephew rushed to get ready. We drop my Dad off at the side wing of one of the local hospitals at his doctor's office. We leave and head to the skating rink. My mom is going to pick him up after the doctor talks to him about his paperwork for court and the DMV. Then she was going to take him home and meet us at the rink. She called at 12:46 to tell me she was on the way to the office to get my Dad and would try to head to the rink after that. I keep looking for her and looking for her and looking for her. I finally call her and she says she is not coming because my Dad is being admitted to Riverside. I was in shock and disbelief because he was fine when I dropped him off. What had happened? The doctor decided to do another reading on his defibrillator today and found out that it has gone off 12 times just since mid-December and his battery was dead. In November his battery was at 25% and they were not concerned because he had it over 5.5 years and only used 75% of it. The doctor did not want him transferred to my Dad's preferred hospital because he felt it was too dangerous to transfer him and he would not let him go home because it was too dangerous. If his heart went into V-Tach, his pacemaker nor defibrillator would help him, It was dead, kapoop. So tomorrow he is having a new device installed . It should not be as intense as the first one because they don't have to put the wires on his heart, just connect the current wires to the new machine with new batteries.

Think about divine intervention. He had just seen the doctor three weeks ago. The office was behind in processing the paperwork for court and today was the last day he could get it to have for tomorrow at court. This all happens on a holiday in which I was off work, home and able to leave so fast to get him to the appointment for the papers. The doctor decides that out of the blue he wants to do another reading on his heart only to discover that in the three weeks since the reading the battery has died and it was not even a concern three weeks ago. Wow! How else could that doctor have wanted to do another reading today? What started out as a routine appointment to "talk" to the doctor for some papers for court turned into a hospital visit and defibrillator replacement.

As for court, the doctor's office called to have it continued. I am having my mom call again tomorrow morning just to make sure so he does not get charged for bring a NO SHOW. He also started his drops this morning for cataract surgery on Wednesday. That too has been postponed.

Thank You, Lord!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Day

My day in a nutshell.....

Someone went to the zoo and found the wildest animals there. They brought them to the 8th grade class that I was subbing in today and dropped them off. Then they told them that they could run free and cause as much commotion as possible . They also told them to make as much noise as they can. Yep, I had all the monkey, lions and bears, literally. To think, these kids go to high school next year.

I wont be back at that school for a long while. To make it even better, every teacher has a planning period. Today another teacher did not come in and they did not have a sub so I had to go to that classroom during my teacher's planning time to cover for this other teacher. Oh boy, and it was some of the same characters I had dealt with all morning.

Now to get some rest. Tomorrow has to be better.


UPDATE: Praise the Lord. I found my money. It was on my dresser where I never ever leave my money. I do not remember even going in there except to get my laptop off the bed. Thank You Lord, my spirits have been lifted. I know I was way too emotional for $14. I have also been emotional and frustrated because it has been hard to find positions this week and last. There was a new sub orientation right before the holidays so they are beating me to jobs online. I miss them by seconds sometimes. I was at the computer from 6-11 PM last night refreshing the page. I woke up at 3 AM and was able to get one from my least favorite school. The school that is mentioned later in my post. They were horrible. Tonight I have been checking since 4:30 and just now able to get one at 10:30 PM. Usually I am booked a week ahead but these past two weeks I am up late every night trying for a job for the next day. Lord, lead me to right steady position where my gifts can be used daily.


I can not afford to lose any money, not even a quarter. Four quarters make a dollar. Five dollars equal a little bit of gas. This is the month that I am real tight with two car payments. Next month will be too because I will be digging out of the hole to make those two payments.

Last week, I stopped by Hardee's for breakfast. A whole $2.22. I had not been to the grocery store to get anything for breakfast. The cashier handed me my change with the bills on the bottom of the change. The quarters then fell out on the ground, all three of them. The cashier says, " Have a nice day." I opened my car door to get the quarters but could not reach them. There was a car behind me. I just had to drive off. I was peeved because to me 75 cents adds up. I just drove down the road hoping that the person who picked it up needs it and would be blessed.

Today, I decided to treat myself to an apple fritter at 7-11. I had a bad teaching day. I had my nephew with me and he bought a cheap ice cream. The total was $3.05. I had $17 in ones in my pocket from breaking my last $20 bill at lunch at school. So I took out $3 and put the rest in my pocket. I just now went to clear my pockets out and there is nothing there. Nothing. I have looked where I always drop my pocket change, nothing. The money is not here. It is no where. It is not in my jacket pocket nor my car. I am actually crying over $14. This is sad but it is the only money I have to my name for awhile and now it is gone. It makes me angry. I want to think someone has it that needed but I NEED IT. I don't mean to sound selfish but I need it bad.

I just don't understand when I am trying to overcome being at my lowest that I would lose money. I can not afford to lose money. It just saddens me. I have learned my lessons with money but why when I am already low does something have to happen to make me go even lower. I just don't understand.

Dear Lord,
Please lift me up and help me through this valley. I know it is the devil playing games with me. I know that is how he works. Please be by my side. Lord, if there is someone that really needed that money more than me, let it bless them. I trust you Lord and know you will take care of me through this valley in life with finances and jobs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Little White String....

Little White String, Little White String....

Little white string, oh how you drive me crazy! You are about 2 feet long and very thin. In fact, I think you are from an old mini blind. Why oh why did my cat have to find you and choose to play with you for the last two weeks?

Every room I go into , my cat follows me eventually dragging his little white string in his mouth. If I go in the bathroom to take a shower. He barges the door open before I get in wanting me to play with him and the little white string. I tangle it up around the faucet and it occupies him until I get out. I go in the kitchen and here he comes with his little white string. I sit at the computer and here he comes with his little white string. Its not that he just carries it around everywhere. He wants me to pick it up and play with him, constantly. I will throw it and he will run after it just to bring it back to me as a hint to play with him and his little white string. He prefers for me to hold it and move it while he chases it. I throw it and have him chase it to give me a one minute break. It takes just about that amount of time for him to bring it back.

Oh, here he comes again. I love to play with him but his insistence of constant play with this little white string is driving me crazy. Now where can I hide this little white string.... It is useless because in the process of cleaning this week we found his old long red string. So he will have a little red string to drive me batty with if I "accidentally" lose this little white string.

Anybody want a little white string?Postage paid.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I went to court and sat for almost two hours just to be brought in front of the judge to be asked.... "Do you owe this amount to this company?" I had no choice but to agree because the balance he said was the balance after all my recent payments. He issued the judgement. The lawyer handed me a card to call to make arrangements . The judge said, " Good Luck, Miss S" and it was over. I sat in on some stupid cases. One was a pastor trying to get out of paying a debt he owed someone. He made all sorts of excuses and changed his answers on all the questions. The Pastor looked at the judge and said, " Sir I have offered her a settlement of $1850 over the next 10 months and she will not accept it." The plaintiff laughed and said, " You owe me $3500 and have not made an attempt to pay that. Why would I reduce it?" To listen to this man hum and haw and avoid truthful answers without technically lying was unbelievable. The spectators were laughing. To think what kind of witness was he to the judge and the courtroom.

After leaving the courthouse I went across to City Hall to surprise a friend ( my second mother) that has dropped to the wayside. We have made contact over the holidays but no definite plans. We made plans for tomorrow night and she was so happy to see us. My mom and I walked away blessed and we knew we had blessed her.

After leaving City Hall and since I already had the day off , we drove and hour and half to Petersburg to see my great-aunt who is under hospice care. She shocked us and looked great. She is starting to lose her memory. She recognized my mom and was so excited to see her. She recognized me and knew I was her great-niece but could not remember my name. She suffered a stroke not too long ago. She looked so good today, I was so shocked. We blessed her and she blessed us.

My mom's cousin came and met us there. My mom and him are like brother/sister but never see each other. I have made more of an effort lately to meet him and his wife so that my mom and him will have a family connection in the midst of all her turmoil right now. We got there at 2:30. We left the assisted living at 5 then went by their house then went out to dinner. We got back to our city and home at 10 PM. Our cousin and his wife love when we get together. His wife loves how her husband lights up and enjoys my mom's company. She enjoys that her and I get along and can have our own conversations and enjoy them. So we blessed them and ourselves with our visits today. Our only regret was that we were running behind and were not able to see the other cousin , it was his mom that we were visiting. He had a meeting from 2-5. We did not call him to invite him to Friendly's because he is NOT a Friendly's restaurant eater. He is more like Outback or pricier. We love him anyway and hope to catch up with him soon.

So after a day that started off rough and not in my favor , God led us to bigger things and to Bless others while being so blessed ourselves. What a Blessed day.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Tomorrow is my court date for that one credit card. I am scared. I did request from my bank the payments I have made to them out of my account. The last one as recent as yesterday. The day this warrant in debt was filed I had already made up the missed October payment and the current November payment. I just do not understand. To say that I am scared is an understatement. I know in my heart that the worst thing they can do is issue a judgement but it just bothers me that I am in this situation.

Pray for me.

Now for a chuckle. I am a good cook. I am not bragging but I do cook good most of the time. In the past few days I have had to cook with milk. Let me tell you.... FAIL. I have scorched all three things I have tried to cook.

Is the old saying... Don't cry over spilled milk? Well, mine is.... I am crying over burnt milk just because I needed a good cry anyways.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nephew funnies

I have not seen my nephew much this past week and I missed him. I stole him Saturday for an hour...well , not literally. We did ask permission. Let me tell you he was ready to go with me that day. We stopped by my house but he has not been here since I plugged in a Wallflower from Bath and Body Works. It is the pumpkin patch scent. Not what I would have chosen but it was a gift. It actually does not have any spice or cinnamon scent to it so it does not smell that bad at all. I don't like the smell of cinnamon or spice and don't like them in my food unless it is a cinnamon roll in which the sugar outweighs the cinnamon. Anyways, he walks in the house and immediately says, " Wow, it smells like chili cheese dogs in here, Yummy." I looked at him bewildered as he walked to the kitchen. I had not cooked anything. I did not know what he was smelling . Then it dawned on me it was the air freshener pumpkin patch scent. Pumpkin patch scent equals chili cheese dog in the nose of a child. I think his nose needs to be checked.

He is starting to read really good right now. It is funny to hear him sound words out. He reads all the signs now while we are driving. I heard him say, " Food, Beer and Winnie." I was preoccupied so did not catch the word Winnie. My mom turns around and says, " Honey that is not the word Winnie, it is Wine. " I just had to chuckle. He knew that WIN is win and when you add an E, it has to be pronounced WINNIE. Just like it is written, wine. I always heard that the English language was the hardest to learn. I believe it now through the eyes and imagination of a child.