Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Fitness Minutes....

February Fitness Minutes.......906.

Spent 2 days in the pool water walking for 2 hours a piece.

Weigh IN coming this weekend

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adoption - Adopting a Baby -

Adoption - Adopting a Baby -

This is what I read exactly one week after my rant post about adoption.... Awesome! Please take the time to read.

Ok, that is the tail end of the article, scroll to the botttom and go to page 1. I tried to fix it and it froze.

Friday, February 24, 2012


If I could be in charge and redo my grandfather's obituary, I would like to have the nerve this man had. He left me laughing.

Here is a link to an article.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Really! Did you really say that?

Really! Did you really say that to a person whose biggest blessing in their life is adopted? Did you really tell me that your daughter and husband have crossed out adoption stating it is God's will they have a child of their own? Really, a " a child of their own". You are mighty glad I held my mouth in church.

Why don't you ask your daughter if it is God's will that they help a child in need who needs a mother and father? My family is the living proof that love is not blood. He is ours. He is who God gave us to love. Let me repeat HE IS OURS, blood or no blood. God chose our family to love him and we do. Thank You God!

My response was.... Well, it could be in God's will for them to adopt a child which would be "their child".

How can you be so closed minded ? Think about it, a child that God has given you whether through your body in childbirth or through adoption is "your child".God knows what he is doing. He placed that child with us over so many other families he could have went to. God blessed us.

Keeping that mindset could block one of the most beautiful blessings God  can give you.

One more thing.... I am also a woman who may never have biologically have a child and am looking forward to the day that I am blessed enough to adopt MY OWN CHILD!

I know I am sensitive to adoption and if you have never experienced adoption, you don't understand but if you read my blog....OPEN YOUR MIND!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go even if you dont want to...

Have you ever had something you were supposed to go to but just did not want to?

This evening it was our church's annual Valentine's dinner at the local rescue mission. I did not want to go. It is always a little awkward and I was having an all about me mind set. I went anyways. Our church cook always makes a roast beef dinner around Valentine's Day  that we serve to the 20-25 men staying at the mission . Then, we join them once they are served. I sat beside one church member but still surrounded by 3 older African American men. I tried to talk. They did not talk back much. They gestured or laughed at me. Well, they laughed at about everything I said. You know what... I am a substitute teacher.Them laughing was what I put up with all day. I am immune, I have tough skin.. These men were not laughing at me though they were laughing because they thought I was comical. I wasn't trying to be comical ,I was trying to conversate. Then at the end one of the three men smiled at me and said..... You have brightened my day. Thank You. I almost cried.

Thank You Lord for nudging me to go. Thank you for allowing me to be a bright spot to these men who are going through tough times. I think my times are tough but theirs are tougher.  Thank you helping me remember silly stories that had to do with some of the gifts we gave them. Thank you for making me comical on a night I did not want to go at all. I pray that these men saw your light in those few minutes I was able to talk to them.

I also passed out valentine chocolates to them all. One of the men in my church started to help but decided to stop because he saw the men's faces light up when I gave them the candy and spoke to them while doing so. He came up to me later and told me why he stopped. I was embarrassed because I am a large full-figured woman, why would they care but they did.

I walked in dreading going but deciding to make the best of it by trying to bless them. I walked away more blessed than them.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I am still alive. Had a rough and busy weekend.I will post about it later when my big computer is working again.. Just keep my Dad in your prayers,

I went to the Y this evening .I was looking forward to some steamed zucchini tonight with a tadbit of olive oil butter and Mrs.Dash. I pulled the pack out that I bought from BJ's yesterday.I started slicing when I discovered it looked a lot like its twin vegetable, the cucumber. Well it was a cucumber and now I have 5 f them and am so disappointed.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I can hear clearly now the pressure's gone
I can hear all the obstacles in my ear.

I know that is bad lyrics for a good song but it has been a LONG week with pressure in my ears that would not pop. I was miserable.

My left ear popped on Wednesday. I was very happy but still felt like I was in a barrel talking. I could hear noise around me unless you were talking directly to me. I could not hear you right in front of me and found out that I don't lip read very well.My new favorite saying of the week was ..."HUH"

I did everything I could to get the right ear to pop with no success. Whatever I did would make the other pop. This afternoon that ear was bothering me and I was considering going to the doctor. I decided to hold my nose and try one more time this evening before heading out to a concert. This time it worked and I was so glorious. I sang the lyrics to the song above after it popped.

The icing on the cake was later at the concert. We went to hear and see the St.Olaf choir. They were excellent. Their music was slower than what I like but the harmony was great and 90% of it glorified God. What a great evening for that after finally being able to hear clearly after a week of barrel talking.

Thank You, Jesus for fixing my ear.

By the way, if the St. Olaf choir comes to your area.... Go see them. They were great and talented. These tickets were a Christmas present to my Mother and she loved it.I think it was her best gift.