Sunday, February 19, 2012

Really! Did you really say that?

Really! Did you really say that to a person whose biggest blessing in their life is adopted? Did you really tell me that your daughter and husband have crossed out adoption stating it is God's will they have a child of their own? Really, a " a child of their own". You are mighty glad I held my mouth in church.

Why don't you ask your daughter if it is God's will that they help a child in need who needs a mother and father? My family is the living proof that love is not blood. He is ours. He is who God gave us to love. Let me repeat HE IS OURS, blood or no blood. God chose our family to love him and we do. Thank You God!

My response was.... Well, it could be in God's will for them to adopt a child which would be "their child".

How can you be so closed minded ? Think about it, a child that God has given you whether through your body in childbirth or through adoption is "your child".God knows what he is doing. He placed that child with us over so many other families he could have went to. God blessed us.

Keeping that mindset could block one of the most beautiful blessings God  can give you.

One more thing.... I am also a woman who may never have biologically have a child and am looking forward to the day that I am blessed enough to adopt MY OWN CHILD!

I know I am sensitive to adoption and if you have never experienced adoption, you don't understand but if you read my blog....OPEN YOUR MIND!


Jen said...

That's very sad. I'm sorry someone said that to you.

The Brown Recluse said...

I wonder if she thinks they've had a sign from God that they'll have a baby? Who knows what folks think. Hopefully she didn't mean anything derogatory toward adopted children. I can't imagine....

Marcia said...

I dont think i could practice self control here. I am all for adoption! I have so much to say about people who are manufacturing babies right now, makes me so angry. Maybe I should have a debate with this man LOL