Thursday, December 26, 2013


Last night I wanted to post on how I was getting through my 2nd Christmas with my Brother in Heaven and not here on earth. My Computer froze about the time I started typing. I changed to my tablet but cant type well on my tablet which explains my short Merry Christmas post.

I have tried to remember why we celebrate Christmas this season. Tonight , I really dont feel like typing so I will just share with you my two facebook posts the last two days.

  • .....enjoying the holidays by making new memories and traditions with family yet keeping some of the old to cherish. Missing my brother but trying to surround myself with Christmas Praise music and dwelling on celebrating our Savior's birth. It is because of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection we all have the choice to accept him as our personal Savior. When we do we have the joy of knowing we will see our loved ones again in Heaven. I know beyond a doubt my brother was a believer, he showed it every day in his life and his bookstore ministry. As beautiful as some of these songs are, I can only imagine how beautiful Heaven is and what a celebration he is enjoying.I am also thankful for my Dad coming home from the hospital in time for Christmas Eve and the time spent with him and family last night and today. Thank you God for Jesus's birth. Happy Birthday Jesus.
  •  enjoyed helping serve dinner to the men at the Peninsula Rescue Mission with Forever Friend, Angela Moore , her sister Stacy and Stacy's hubby Giovanni. He cooked steak tacos with fresh salsa, beans, and rice. Very yummy. It is always nice to serve the men having hard times and see them smile. They were so appreciative

Two things I need to explain:

My Dad had several V-Tach episodes during the night Sunday into Monday and was admitted to the hospital. The paramedics and I had a clashing of thoughts in which they will be reported. (Don't come in my house and make me feel stupid for calling you for a man who is a heart patient and could go into cardiac arrest and has been shocked at least 3 times in the last 2 hours by his defibrillator, yes it may be doing its job but its not normal for that many times.  Don't ask him what the hospital can do... they can do more than you or me as to why this is happening... and lastly... don't tell him you are just transportation... you are more than transportation, you have the means to monitor him and perform CPR, if need be. I don't while driving..OK... off my soap box) His doc changed some meds and wanted to keep him until December 25 for observation.. he was having no part of that. 

You may ask, what is a Forever Friend. A Forever Friend has been there for you forever, for her and I its since we were toddlers. We can go months without talking but pick up like we just talked yesterday. I cant label her as best friend because sometimes best friends come and go according to your life circumstances at the time. A forever friend is there for you whenever and forever. I can still remember coming back from a test when I was in the hospital and seeing her at the end of the hall with flowers. Everything happened so fast with me that week that I hadn't even thought to call her. ( She is also my neighbor). Her aunt is a member of my church and had found out and called her parent's house. Her Dad called her and she was at the hospital as soon as she was off. She was not mad I did not call, she was just worried that I was ok. That is a forever friend. I smelled her brother-in-law's grill going. I text her and said, Giovanni is making me hungry. She said, good, join us at the Rescue Mission for dinner and help serve. I did. I am glad too.

  Merry Christmas everybody and remember Christ is Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!