Thursday, June 30, 2011

From East to West

I flew from one coast to the other coast yesterday for the wedding. I am still on East Coast time. I was up at 5:55 AM Oregon time.

My flights were pretty good and sat by some interesting people too. The last flight was a mother /daughter from England. We talked the entire 2.5 hours.

Well, will post more later.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Greatest Blessing...

BUT I DONT WANT TO GET IN THE WATER....Does that face say that? Eight years ago today, a woman gave birth to what would become the greatest blessing I have received. Thank you to his biological parents. You have blessed my family beyond imagination in good times and in bad.

He was being a booger today. I took him and his friend to our church landfill to play ball. They were arguing and fighting after about 15 minutes. I took the friend home. See , my nephew is a great child most of the time until this friend enters the picture. This friend brings out his ugliness. So, I solved it, I took the friend home. The ugliness did not stop. He was then mad at me and I ruined his birthday. Yeah , right. I had to run an errand and by this time he had calmed down. I tried to get him to run in the fountains at our local shopping center. He refused. I then told him to walk in the middle and I would meet him on the other side. Well he never made it to the other side, you know why? He stopped and was playing in the water fountains and laughing and smiling. I title this picture..... BUT I DONT WANT TO GET IN THE WATER.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just how old do I look?

In the same weekend I have been complimented and insulted about how old I look.

The first was Friday morning. The cable guy had been dealing with my Father but when he returned with a new modem, I answered the door. I knew who he was and let him come in. He then asked if the man he had been dealing with was my grandfather. Well , either he thought I looked real young or may Dad looked real old. Personally, aside from my Father's walk, I don't think he looks 73. So I assume the guy thought I looked real young.

The same day, I went to my sister's to feed her cats because they were out of town. The neighbor's grandchildren are always over the house and the little girl came running to my car. She gave me a hug. When I left , she and her brother were in the yard waiting for me to come out. They were discussing my name. They both know me because I am at my sister's house all the time and they are at their grandmother's house all the time. The 6 year old boy was explaining to his 4 year old sister that my sister, Mrs. Debbie, was Cameron's mommy and I, Miss Becky was his GRANDMOTHER! I was like no, no, no and explained to them that I was Cameron's aunt and I was younger than Mrs. Debbie and could not be Cameron's grandmother. So that burst my bubble from the cable guy earlier.

Lastly, I drove across the bridge today to get some delicious spaghetti near my grandfather's house. I noticed that cigarettes were cheap . I called a family member and they agreed they were cheap and to buy a carton. I asked for the specific kind. The man said, I will get them when you tell me and show me how old you are. I looked at him and said way over the legal age for cigarettes. He told me to prove it. I did and he laughed and said I never would have guessed. I felt so young because the legal age is 16. I was honored to be carded but truly and honestly the guy was being a little ridiculous. I look way over 16.

I do know when I substitute and I mention to the high schoolers that this is my 20 year high school reunion. They calculate , well those that can add, my age and sit there astonished. You dont look 38 is usually the replied. Well thank you, thank you very much.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am becoming my Father...

I know it is scary that I am becoming my Father. My Father likes complete silence all the time except his television when he wants to watch it.

Tonight I want complete silence and am not getting it. All I am getting is lots of background noise. I have been in the presence of a 7.95 year old ( he will be 8 Tuesday) for 10 hours. He left me alone at the pool but some other kid needing attention kept pestering me. I was nice but I wanted to tell him to leave me alone.

This is what I am getting

  • One tv with more irritating music reality on. I think it is more the screaming and clapping that bother me.

  • One tv in another room running. I cant turn that off , that person is watching it.

  • The air condition is running non-stop and the filter needs to be replaced so it is also rattling.

  • On commercials from the irritating tv with the music show, she is in the kitchen washing and clanking dishes with the water running.

  • Then the other day our neighbors dead limb landed on our power line. So the power company has been outside for over an hour , yes it is 10:22 PM trying to get the limb down with his diesel truck running.

To top it off , my internet service is slow. They are coming tomorrow to boost the speed. The bathtub isn't draining properly. Then a million flies have some how scooted in the door and are zooming around everywhere.

Praise the Lord, the power truck pulled off. One piece of background noise down.

I think it is PMS, lol. I dont get that though cause I am a depo shot junkie.

Pray for me tomorrow morning as I interview for a part-time teaching position.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I enjoyed my conversation...

This is what my mom's sister told my cousin about her conversations with me on Sunday."I really enjoyed my converstations with Becky today". I was flabbergasted because I would not call it a conversation. I just answer her questions if they are directed at me. Today she was the happy part of Jekyl and Hyde.

Her: Have you found a Full-Time teaching job?
Me: Nope
Her: Are you substituting right now?
Me: Not any more.
Her: It is a real shame because you are so educated then you went back to teach and get your license. It just is not fair.
Me :( Just stare at her. She didnt ask a question. I only answer her questions if she asks one.)
Her: Your Dad says you are going to Robert's for dinner? ( Robert is my brother)
Me: Yes.
Her: Have I eaten there before?
Me: I have no idea.
Her: Isn't it down that road?
Me: Yeah ( Well my brother does live down a road).
Her: What do they serve?
Me: ( Look at her like she has totally lost it )
Her: Robert's, right?
Me: Yeah Robert's house.
Her: It is called Robert's House.
Me: That is what I call it. (at this point I realize her Alzheimer's has kicked in and she forgets I have a brother name Robert, so I am being mean and playing along. )
Her: I forget where exactly is "Robert's House" and what do they serve?
Me: Hamburgers.
Her: (flabbergasted) Hamburgers.
Me. Yep , off the grill. ( At this point I am chuckling and knowing I am giving her a hard time)
Her: Robert's House and they serve hamburgers off the grill. OH! You mean Robert W. , your brother's house.
Me: ( Just smiling and looking at her like she is dumb)
Her: What is your sister-in-law cooking?
Me: Nothing
HEr: But you are going to their house for dinner, right.
Me: Yeah Rob is cooking hamburgers.
Her: What is his wife cooking?
Me: Nothing.
Me: Nothing, Robert is cooking.
At this point my MOm walks in the room.

Her to my Mom: What is Rob's wife cooking?
Me: ( Looking at her like she is crazy again because I just answered this question.)
My MOm: Nothing
Her to my Mom: What?
Mom: NOthing.
Her: What is nothing?

I kid you not this is what she said. What is nothing? Alzheimer's again. At some point out of the blue she announced that she had a gem replaced on her 25th anniversary ring that her second husband gave her. She was only married to him for 8 years before he died. So how could he give her a 25th anniversary ring. That ring was from my uncle who died in 1991 whom she was married to for over 30 years. Then she told my Mom that the new ramp that was built in the front for my grandfather's wheelchair was built by her second husband ( she mentioned him by name) this weekend. He died about 5 years ago and she is currently married to husband number three who built the ramp this weekend. This is the woman who is in charge of everything with my grandfather. Really!

End of conversations. This is the longest conversation I have had with this woman for two years. So she was so excited that I spoke to her. You see, I dont "talk" to her. I just merely answer her questions , which is all I basically did. This is also the first time since my grandmother died that I have been in the same room with her at my choice. It was my choice to be there since it was Father's Day and I was there to see my Grandfather for a few minutes. It was only coincidental that she was there . I was not going to make my grandfather get hurt or suffer because I did not go into that room because of her. I have more integrity than that. Usually if she is in a room, I am not.

Now the mean side of her Jekyl and Hyde was leaving nasty voice messages with my Mother again yesterday questioning her as a Christian again because she wont talk to her and subject herself to the verbal abuse during another situation.

Just a little insight of what we go through with her and this was somewhat of a good day.


I have not disappeared. My internet did from time to time but I did not.

This was my second full day of being out of work. No subbing in the summer and yes I am scared financially. I have started applying again for mystery shops but most of that is very low pay.

Here are some of the thoughts in my head right now:

  • I am so over the music reality television. You know, Idol and The Voice. I finally figured out that I am not a music fan. I dont like to sing. Yes, I like to listen to some music, mainly country and Praise and Worship. I live with someone that loves these shows and the computer is in that room. Even the background beat of some of it just drives me nuts. I am over it, really.

  • I leave a week from tomorrow for my friend's wedding. I am excited but also scared because I know I have very little money to survive off while there.

  • My first real day of summer, yesterday was a bummer. We were heading to Busch Gardens but it was raining. We decided to go bowl with our kids bowl free membership. My internet service was down so I could not print the coupons. I then went to my sister's house to use her computer and it is slow as molasses. It took two hours but we finally made it to the bowling alley only to leave and find out it was a beautiful afternoon after all and we should have kept with our original plans for Busch Gardens.

  • I received a call from one of the school district's I applied for last week. I was so excited thinking it is interview time. The excitement ended fast when the secretary told me that my transcripts from my community college were wrong. I was flabbergasted. You see it was addressed to me but it was not my transcripts. It belonged to a male who majored in music. I am not a male and refer back to my first bullet, I don't care for music. I had to request another transcript and send it back to them, I can only hope this one is right. I have 10 copies on my desk but they are sealed copies, if I open them then they are not official. So do I open a few or not? Positive side of it... they were interested enough to call me and request another set. Just hope they look over that one D in psychology. All the rest are A's and B's.

  • My grandfather has really come down recently. I know this is selfish but I keep thinking , I leave town in a week for a week and I dont want to miss this trip. I dont feel too bad because my cousin leaves Thursday for the weekend and was thinking the same thing. My Mom has helped by telling me that even if something happens that I have been there for him when he was alive and that is more important than being there when he is gone. So if something happens during that time for me to continue with my plans.

  • Today , members of my church stopped by to visit him for a few minutes. It was amazing how his spirits were lifted after their visits. He even ate some chicken and dumplings after they left. He is eating very little.

  • Speaking of his eating. We have been desperate to find anything that he will eat. He doesnt even want oysters anymore. Out of the blue Friday night, he asked for brains and eggs. How disgusting! I remembered from my grocery store days they sold them in a can. My mom made it for him the next day and he ate it and said it was delicious. How gross. We mentioned that to our church visitors today and a number of them had eaten it before and enjoyed it. BLAHHH! Look it up on the internet, it really does exist.

  • I never posted on my trip to Arlington, VA to visit my great friends that have accepted a pastorship at a church. I had a great visit with them that day. They have their work cut-out for them in their church for church growth but have such potential in this area. I can not wait to see how God works in their lives, their new position and in their church. I love this couple. I have watched the two of them grow to have an awesome marriage, family and spiritual life. They are a role model to me on the subject of marriage. SHe took us on a drive-by tour of DC. I have never been into DC so I was fascinated. I can not wait to put it back into my schedule to go visit them again. I really want to go to the DC zoo.( I want to see them too) They are literally minutes away from everything. If I was not leaving on Wednesday , I would go up there this weekend but it is too much for me to do in one week.

  • Please continue to pray for my job search. I am hopeful.

Well I am tired and heading to bed. Munchkin will be here at the crack of dawn. I have not decided on Water COuntry or the pool for tomorrow yet. This is the last day I have him until I come back July 6. I want to make the most of it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


If I normally comment on your blog and have not lately it is because I too am having a problem with blogger and comments. I know there is a fix and will figure it our one day when nothing else is on my mind. In the mean time, hang in there. I did have things to say,

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I know I will delete this post in about 24 hours.

Have you ever been so angry with someone that you wish you could be there when they burn in hell one day?

That is how I feel about my mother's sister and how I have felt for a long time.

The fire department installed my grandfather a free smoke alarm but they required emergency information from him. He had my cousin who was there at the moment write both my mother's information and her sister's information. My cousin talked to her mother and told her that he had signed it and had written both of them down. Her mother got angry and drove over to the house and blocked out my mother's information. She also left papers for the fire department that she is sole power of attorney and read this closely........ SHE HAD HIM DEEMED INCOMPETENT by his doctor. My Mother knew nothing about this. My grandfather knew nothing about this. Most days he is mentally ok it is when his blood sugar is low that he talks crazy. This now gives her full control of everything he does and final say-so. He has no legal rights. My mother has no legal rights unless she has money to hire a lawyer and fight. She does not.

My cousin was flabbergasted and did not realize her Mother could stoop this low. She also stated to my mother that she hopes her mother burns in hell. That is sad. Real sad. A woman at the beginning stages of Alzheimer's is in control.


I am sorry if this is an ugly post, I really am sorry.

Right now I need a lot of prayer for God's Grace. It is hard when this woman who is evil keeps persevering and the nice and innocent sibling keeps being pushed down.

Pray for my Mom because the attacks are directly at her. After tonight we are confident she has lied about the will still being 50/50. By the way... the deeming of him incompetent came right after social services tried to step in.

This woman makes Lucifer look like a saint.

Needless to say she is not on my facebook account. Her face keeps popping up on my homepage under the PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW. I think they need to change it to... PEOPLE YOU MAY WANT TO THROW DARTS AT. Well I just updated my status on facebook to BEcky personally knows SATAN. Facebook refreshed my page and it changed to items RELATED TO YOUR POST and where her picture was is now a page on Satan.... How ironic.

He is not competent to make decisions but he is competent to stay alone 18-20 hours a day.
The woman that is in control has told everyone to leave his house unlocked every night so the morning help can get in the house. She does not have the sense in her head to give them a key. No the house in a prominent neighborhood with no cars in the driveway is left unlocked every night for anyone to beat him and rob him blind. Seems to me she needs to be deemed incompetent.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The kitten in the previous post passed away Thursday. The boy will be charged with a felony. I hope he gets the help he needs.

I went to visit my great friends today at the new church that God has called them to. It was a great day and I am so excited for them. I will expand on this later.