Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Greatest Blessing...

BUT I DONT WANT TO GET IN THE WATER....Does that face say that? Eight years ago today, a woman gave birth to what would become the greatest blessing I have received. Thank you to his biological parents. You have blessed my family beyond imagination in good times and in bad.

He was being a booger today. I took him and his friend to our church landfill to play ball. They were arguing and fighting after about 15 minutes. I took the friend home. See , my nephew is a great child most of the time until this friend enters the picture. This friend brings out his ugliness. So, I solved it, I took the friend home. The ugliness did not stop. He was then mad at me and I ruined his birthday. Yeah , right. I had to run an errand and by this time he had calmed down. I tried to get him to run in the fountains at our local shopping center. He refused. I then told him to walk in the middle and I would meet him on the other side. Well he never made it to the other side, you know why? He stopped and was playing in the water fountains and laughing and smiling. I title this picture..... BUT I DONT WANT TO GET IN THE WATER.

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That corgi :) said...

happy birthday to your nephew! handsome young man!