Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why waste the cake?

I was so excited today for my preschool Sunday School Class. We had a birthday, we have not had one in a few months. I splurged and bought chocolate cupcakes with buttercream white icing. Every single little munchkin licked all the icing off and left the cupcake. So next time I am going to get me an icing pipe and just make these cool designs with sprinkles on wax paper and let the kids go to town because all they do is waste the cake. They could have at least broke the tops off and eaten the big pile of icing with a little layer of cake, like I did myself :) It was good too. My new philosophy with them.... DONT WASTE THE CAKE JUST SEND ICING.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Signs that made me chuckle today...

Yes red font because I was full of rage and anger this morning in traffic. This traffic has never affected me because when I was going somewhere it was not during peak traffic. This week I have had to drive to VA Beach everyday for school. Monday was not bad but Tuesday-Thursday I have had traffic problems.

Today my drive was almost two hours. It should be 45 minutes. I crept all the way to the tunnel which was at a halt because of car break-down at 5:30 AM. It is now 7 AM and it is still backed up. Then traffic cleared and there was another back up because of an accident. As I sat there going about 2-10 MPH. I saw this sign...... SPEED CHECKED BY RADAR BY AIRCRAFT. Well my goodness that is a waste of tax payers dollars if they use the helicopter today. Though you know a high speed of 10 MPH may warrant speeding at this point.

On the way home there was another traffic delay. Once again the maximum speed had to be 10 MPH and we were bumper to bumper. This sign read.... CONGESTION AHEAD BE ALERT. Wow, congestion is ahead, woohoo then this must be free-flowing traffic.

When you are stuck in all this mess you have to find humor in something. I had all sorts of things to say to all the drivers around me and VDOT today but I will save you from that because they were not so funny. :) The plus side to this is I have had some things to blog about. Right!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I believe that when I get myself in a situation and learn something that I should share it, especially when it has happened twice.

I was doing my homework this evening and laid my heavy book on the keyboard. When I removed the book , it hit some keys and the whole screen turned sideways. I was not happy.

See, this had happened before when my nephew was playing with the keys. I had no idea how to fix it and either did my guru cousin. I finally resorted to turning my monitor sideways for a few days. Then I did something to fix it but did not know what.

So I researched this tonight with my whole screen sideways and my head too trying to read how to fix it. Here goes..... Hit the control key, alternate key and the arrow key in the direction you want it to go. Well I had to do it twice to get it right side up, but that is me, part blonde. Voila! A right side up screen.

Now you can make me feel good when you comment by saying that happened to you one time because I know I am not the only crazy person in the world that this has happened to...I just know I am not. Well obviously I am not since there was a link on how to fix it. Maybe it was created just for me though.... You never know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Confessions of Meanness

Yes this sweet girl can be quite mean sometimes.

Yes, I did refuse to let a guy over today after being stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. No I was not going to let him over when he knew for miles he needed to get over and he rode the closing lane all the way to the end to get to the front.

Yes, when he tried to nudge his car in front of mine, I did move my car forward so he could not sneak in.

Yes, I did shake my head no when he motioned for me to let him in.

Yes, he did flip me the finger.

Yes, my evil twin came out and laughed as I drove by him.

Yes, I was late for class but he did not get in front of me... Have I said that already.

UPDATE: The Lord wanted me to learn a lesson for being mean. I have a flower picture in my room with scripture. I can not quote the whole verse but here is the summation.... Be known for the Beauty that comes from within, the Beauty that only God can give..... I was not showing my Godly Beauty yesterday at all. Sorry!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll take care of it myself, Grandpa

Kids, you have to love them. You never know what they might say or do. It can be quite comical sometimes.

Just now I was at the front of our store with the door open. A little girl about three was walking the sidewalk with her Grandpa. He had told her that if she just gave him whatever item she had in her hand that her walk would be so much easier. I can not tell you exactly what she had but it was small enough to have in her hand yet big enough to be a nuisance obviously. She looked at her Grandpa and said , " I don't need to give this to you. I'll take care of it myself." As she finished her sentence she proceeded to pull on her waistband pants and place it in her panties. Grandpa just looked at her.

You know I had was cracking up in the store because you never ever know what a kid will do. Do you? Now, I just hope that what she had can not hurt her because she just put that somewhere that I do not thing Grandpa is going to venture to fetch it.

Kids... gotta love them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scared me to death...

I wonder if the heart attack rate has increased since GPS systems have become so popular. See, mine scares me half to death when I am driving alone minding my business, singing to myself or praying then all of a sudden I hear this voice, " Keep left ahead." It scares the heeby-jeebies out of me and I totally forgot she was on. You know if you are on the verge of a heart attack that she would send you right into one.

The GPS also likes to turn on by herself sometimes. I am heading somewhere around town and she all of a sudden tells me to make a u-turn when possible. First off,I have to recover my heartbeat because she has scared me again. Secondly, I didn't know she was on . Thirdly, where is she trying to send me after being off for a week or more and mysteriously turning back on. It is a wonder I have not had an accident or a heart attack.

Maybe my Tom-Tom is just possessed. Hmmh!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is it feed a cold and starve a fever...

Is the old wives tale... Feed a cold and starve a fever or vice-versa. What if you have a cold and a fever, do you starve or eat.... hmmh.

Today I am fighting a cold. At first I was not hungry but as the day progressed, I was hungrier and hungrier. I ate and ate.

You know you are true food addict when you eat it but you can not taste it but you keep eating it because in your mind you know it is good.
Now that is bad, real bad. HELP!