Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Signs that made me chuckle today...

Yes red font because I was full of rage and anger this morning in traffic. This traffic has never affected me because when I was going somewhere it was not during peak traffic. This week I have had to drive to VA Beach everyday for school. Monday was not bad but Tuesday-Thursday I have had traffic problems.

Today my drive was almost two hours. It should be 45 minutes. I crept all the way to the tunnel which was at a halt because of car break-down at 5:30 AM. It is now 7 AM and it is still backed up. Then traffic cleared and there was another back up because of an accident. As I sat there going about 2-10 MPH. I saw this sign...... SPEED CHECKED BY RADAR BY AIRCRAFT. Well my goodness that is a waste of tax payers dollars if they use the helicopter today. Though you know a high speed of 10 MPH may warrant speeding at this point.

On the way home there was another traffic delay. Once again the maximum speed had to be 10 MPH and we were bumper to bumper. This sign read.... CONGESTION AHEAD BE ALERT. Wow, congestion is ahead, woohoo then this must be free-flowing traffic.

When you are stuck in all this mess you have to find humor in something. I had all sorts of things to say to all the drivers around me and VDOT today but I will save you from that because they were not so funny. :) The plus side to this is I have had some things to blog about. Right!

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