Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll take care of it myself, Grandpa

Kids, you have to love them. You never know what they might say or do. It can be quite comical sometimes.

Just now I was at the front of our store with the door open. A little girl about three was walking the sidewalk with her Grandpa. He had told her that if she just gave him whatever item she had in her hand that her walk would be so much easier. I can not tell you exactly what she had but it was small enough to have in her hand yet big enough to be a nuisance obviously. She looked at her Grandpa and said , " I don't need to give this to you. I'll take care of it myself." As she finished her sentence she proceeded to pull on her waistband pants and place it in her panties. Grandpa just looked at her.

You know I had was cracking up in the store because you never ever know what a kid will do. Do you? Now, I just hope that what she had can not hurt her because she just put that somewhere that I do not thing Grandpa is going to venture to fetch it.

Kids... gotta love them.

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Jen said...

You are right! There is no telling what kids will say or do:) It's refreshing sometimes that they are not bound by "rules" of society.

Hope you have a great day!!