Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scared me to death...

I wonder if the heart attack rate has increased since GPS systems have become so popular. See, mine scares me half to death when I am driving alone minding my business, singing to myself or praying then all of a sudden I hear this voice, " Keep left ahead." It scares the heeby-jeebies out of me and I totally forgot she was on. You know if you are on the verge of a heart attack that she would send you right into one.

The GPS also likes to turn on by herself sometimes. I am heading somewhere around town and she all of a sudden tells me to make a u-turn when possible. First off,I have to recover my heartbeat because she has scared me again. Secondly, I didn't know she was on . Thirdly, where is she trying to send me after being off for a week or more and mysteriously turning back on. It is a wonder I have not had an accident or a heart attack.

Maybe my Tom-Tom is just possessed. Hmmh!


Meg said...

I hate those things! Ole Boy thinks we have to have it on, even if we know where we're going!!
But the being scared to death reminds me of a story...I was visiting my sister years ago, and left my windows down. It was about midnight when I left, and one of her cats had gotten into my car. I was half way home when the thing rubbed up against my arm. The cat is lucky it lived, and lucky it made it back home. That's all I can say.

a corgi said...

I loved Meg's comment

We have "Lola" here (that's what we named our GPS; her sister was Stella but she "died" a few months ago)

I'm okay with Lola except when we are just driving along and she'll say "say a command"; she interrupts without bothering with good manners


Theresa said...

Thanks for a good chuckle today! We have one, but only use it for trips and then we turn the voice down, so David can drive wherever he wants without smeone trying to tell him he's going the wrong way!lol -it's true!