Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yes, I am depressed. I made my annual trip to the VA ABC store to buy my two mini-bar bottles of rum. A total of $ 2.60. I know, I know I go all out for my once a year full-fledged pina colada that I drink in my home.
So what is so depressing.... This is the first year I was not ID'd. I left so sullen and down. That means at my ripe old age of 36, I must actually look 30 as to not ID me, since the law is if you look under 30 you must be ID'd. I have reached that look now. Oh so depressing.
The slight good news is that the cashier was really thinking and looking long and hard at me and I could tell he was wondering if he should have ID'd me. Even the other cashier on the other side was giving him the look. Either that or they think I am a boozer and bought the mini-bar version because that is what all the homeless men do when they scrounge up enough dough begging.
Oh , if they only knew that I feel like I have entered a porn store when I walk in there in the first place but I do not know how that feels either because I have never been in a porn store or will ever go either. I just think that is how I would feel if it happened. Honest , honest to goodness.
Have a nice New Year's Eve everyone. You know I will be watching the ball drop in the comfort of my own home with my once a year pina colada from my mini-bar version of rum.... Yum, yum!
P. S. Jen, I better hide this post from the Deacon Baord too.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making Memories at Christmas

I had already turned the computer off when I made a funny memory with my mom this evening and had to post about it.

Every Christmas for years my grandmother made Christmas dinner and it always included red Jello. My sister loved this. We never knew why but this Jello she looked forward to for months. As my grandmother aged , she let it slip that the Jello was made out of wine. You see , we are a non-drinking conservative family. ( I lie, Mom and I enjoy a pina colada on New Year's Eve and I make my annual trip to the ABC store to get the smallest bottle of rum available.) Anyhow, my grandmother can not cook anymore, you know she is 91 but my sister and others wanted the wine Jello. I have never been that fond of it, personally. My mom went out today and bought a bottle of wine. She knows nothing of buying wine and found the cheapest bottle at $4.99. I never gave it a second thought. After years of working at a grocery store, I did know cheap wine was a screwtop. Guess what? This had a cork. What does this mean for a non-wine drinking household. It meant I had to figure out some way to get that cork out with no cork thingymajig.

I tried a knife, no luck. I tried the sharp end of a bottle opener, no luck. I tried another knife, no luck. I tried to push the knife and get suction, no luck. She went out and found a screwdriver. It worked, oh did it work. It pushed the cork all the way in but not out. The cork stayed in but wine splashed out all over me and my mom. Whooh, does it smell awful. It was all over our faces and hair. It smelled horrible, you know the booze smell. We could not stop laughing. That $4.99 bottle of wine was priceless for our memories of laughing with wine everywhere.
So since we did this at midnight, guess what we have to clean off the wall tomorrow, yeppers wine. What would people think if they had to come in our house tonight.... oh those boozers. Oh the memories we have created.
Merry Christmas! Remember Jesus is the true gift of Christmas! Without him we would be lost.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Went to here last night, http://www.christmastown.com

It was beautiful because in Williamsburg last night it snowed.

We went into the show REJOICE, which is great. They opened the exit doors and all you saw was snow. It was awesome almost like a prop. I wish I had taken a picture but my hands were too cold to get the camera out.

You have to understand here on the coast , it rarely snows. Yes we may see a dusting once a winter , if that. But last night in Williamsburg it was beautiful, it was like the weather was special ordered for us. AWESOME!

The downer, 30 minutes down the road at my house, nothing but rain, too close to the water. I guess.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Frustrated because I am not feeling good. I accepted a job tomorrow morning to substitute high school and I just do n0t feel good. Is there such a thing as a sub for a sub? LOL! I am too early in the game to cancel a job.
Frustrated because I intended to go to the store to get some stuff for lunch tomorrow. I am not familiar with the school's lunch line for teachers so I always pack something until I know and am comfortable. I was at Big Lots and they had fresh bread so I grabbed some sandwich thins to make tuna.
Frustrated because after I got home I discovered we had tuna and no onion. I can eat tuna salad with no onion no way.
Not frustrated but thankful that we had peanut butter and jelly.
Frustrated at my progress of Christmas shopping.
Frustrated that when I hit spellcheck that I had left the second r off of the word frustrated, not once but twice.
Just plain frustrated right now in general.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Funnies ...

Received a beautiful Christmas card today from someone at church. She sent one to show her appreciation for the children's program last week. The design is from a famous artist with the initials ME. Well this artist also does a Christian line. So what is so funny:

#1 A Christian sent it to me.
#2 The artist draws and writes Christian cards and pictures.
#3 The card read..... Make of Yourself A Light. BUDDAH

Yes a saying from Buddha. I just had to chuckle. I wonder if the lady from my church realized it said Buddha or if she just loved the angel and the picture on it. Oh my!

Yesterday I was working at our bookstore when the phone rang as I was coming out of the restroom. I thought I did not have a phone and I am walking toward the back counter looking for one because I could hear it but not see it. I kept turning into all directions to find it , you know like a cat chasing it's tail. I could not find it but it was close I could hear it. Dummy here, had it in her back pocket. No wonder I could hear it so good. Sometimes I am just ditsy.

As for an update on subbing, I have had some great days. Not that the kids have been great but I have enjoyed subbing and so far my favorite grade is 8th . Now I am wishing I was trained in something to teach them but Marketing is not for middle schoolers, unfortunately. I scheduled myself a half day today and they called me in early for a last minute call out. I was asleep in my bed wand warm. I got up, showered, make-up , dressed and hair and was there in 40 minutes. That was a miracle. I am never dressed that fast. I went into that class and within an hour and a half it was there lunch period, so I went to lunch. After lunch I was called back to my original plans and within 45 minutes it was their lunch period. So I had two lunches, oh boy! ( I only ate at one though) By the way , one girl made my day. When I walked into the history class, all I heard was , " Oh, she is so pretty." I was flabbergasted.

Toodles for now....

Now I have to surf the web for Christmas presents but without money I won't get too far because I don't think my good looks will get me too far.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well lady, you tried.....

Well lady, you tried to get one over on me but it did not work.

I was a substitute the other day but the teacher only had two classes so they assigned me the job of assisting a child that just needed someone to sit next to them in class for my last class. I do not know the reason that he has to have someone sit next to him but I was being paid to sit there so that is where I headed. I was intercepted by the school's permanent substitute assistant who had been assigned to substitute as an assistant in special education. See she thought she was pulling rank and taking the easy job of sitting on her rump for an hour and a half while I went to take her assigned job for the hour and a half of assisting special ed. She chuckled as I walked away. I was not happy but I willingly went to where I was supposed to go.

Well, well, well lady. I had a blast. These kids I assisted in special education were awesome. Just awesome. There were only 5 of them on this day and this was their work training hour. The boy I assisted had the job of wrapping fake hamburgers in wax paper. He needed help with his timer and registering his time. He also had to alphabetize index cards and count out 5 sheets of paper and paperclip them until he had a set of 10. He was awesome. I was blown away at his ability and the ability of his classmates to read their instruction cards and perform their tasks. Four of the five kids were excited for a new person to help them but one would shut down when I came around so I left him alone as he did his job. These kids were bright and well-behaved. The teenagers at the main school need to take a few lessons from these kids. They were awesome. Their teacher took my name down so that she can look for me on the system to assist or replace her when needed.

So if I could tell you lady, I would tell you that I got the better end of that deal that day and I was able to go home early since the special education classes leave 20 minutes early. HAHA to you!