Friday, December 11, 2009

Funnies ...

Received a beautiful Christmas card today from someone at church. She sent one to show her appreciation for the children's program last week. The design is from a famous artist with the initials ME. Well this artist also does a Christian line. So what is so funny:

#1 A Christian sent it to me.
#2 The artist draws and writes Christian cards and pictures.
#3 The card read..... Make of Yourself A Light. BUDDAH

Yes a saying from Buddha. I just had to chuckle. I wonder if the lady from my church realized it said Buddha or if she just loved the angel and the picture on it. Oh my!

Yesterday I was working at our bookstore when the phone rang as I was coming out of the restroom. I thought I did not have a phone and I am walking toward the back counter looking for one because I could hear it but not see it. I kept turning into all directions to find it , you know like a cat chasing it's tail. I could not find it but it was close I could hear it. Dummy here, had it in her back pocket. No wonder I could hear it so good. Sometimes I am just ditsy.

As for an update on subbing, I have had some great days. Not that the kids have been great but I have enjoyed subbing and so far my favorite grade is 8th . Now I am wishing I was trained in something to teach them but Marketing is not for middle schoolers, unfortunately. I scheduled myself a half day today and they called me in early for a last minute call out. I was asleep in my bed wand warm. I got up, showered, make-up , dressed and hair and was there in 40 minutes. That was a miracle. I am never dressed that fast. I went into that class and within an hour and a half it was there lunch period, so I went to lunch. After lunch I was called back to my original plans and within 45 minutes it was their lunch period. So I had two lunches, oh boy! ( I only ate at one though) By the way , one girl made my day. When I walked into the history class, all I heard was , " Oh, she is so pretty." I was flabbergasted.

Toodles for now....

Now I have to surf the web for Christmas presents but without money I won't get too far because I don't think my good looks will get me too far.

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