Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well lady, you tried.....

Well lady, you tried to get one over on me but it did not work.

I was a substitute the other day but the teacher only had two classes so they assigned me the job of assisting a child that just needed someone to sit next to them in class for my last class. I do not know the reason that he has to have someone sit next to him but I was being paid to sit there so that is where I headed. I was intercepted by the school's permanent substitute assistant who had been assigned to substitute as an assistant in special education. See she thought she was pulling rank and taking the easy job of sitting on her rump for an hour and a half while I went to take her assigned job for the hour and a half of assisting special ed. She chuckled as I walked away. I was not happy but I willingly went to where I was supposed to go.

Well, well, well lady. I had a blast. These kids I assisted in special education were awesome. Just awesome. There were only 5 of them on this day and this was their work training hour. The boy I assisted had the job of wrapping fake hamburgers in wax paper. He needed help with his timer and registering his time. He also had to alphabetize index cards and count out 5 sheets of paper and paperclip them until he had a set of 10. He was awesome. I was blown away at his ability and the ability of his classmates to read their instruction cards and perform their tasks. Four of the five kids were excited for a new person to help them but one would shut down when I came around so I left him alone as he did his job. These kids were bright and well-behaved. The teenagers at the main school need to take a few lessons from these kids. They were awesome. Their teacher took my name down so that she can look for me on the system to assist or replace her when needed.

So if I could tell you lady, I would tell you that I got the better end of that deal that day and I was able to go home early since the special education classes leave 20 minutes early. HAHA to you!


Jen said...

Don't you love it when someone is trying to stick it to you and it ends up better for you in the end!!!!

I love it!
Glad it worked out for your good:) Can't believe it has only been a week since we were talking face to face.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Special Ed is why my son is back in college.....after three years of working as an assistant...he decided to go back and finish his degree...sooo he can be of more help to these great kids!!

Go Special Ed.....i love them all!!