Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate it when I look like the fool...

I stated in my last post that I picked up my nephew from school the other day. Well here is the whole story. I got in the car line and realized I did not have the tag to pick him up, my dad had it. It was right when school was letting out so I knew calling someone to bring the tag was not an option. I got out of line and parked my car. I then walked into the school and into the office. The office workers were not there nor was the principal. The office workers know me because I sign in when I go eat lunch with him regularly. The principal also knows me because she sees me at lunch coming and going. She is a great, dynamic woman. Her light was out. There was a woman that I had never seen before working in the corner alone. She asked what I needed and I explained to her that I left my tag in another car and I needed to pick my nephew up. She asked his name and teacher and then proceeded to call that room over the intercom. I heard her say she needed little man to come with all his things. He came. I walked out of the school with my nephew. Do you understand what I am saying? I WALKED OUT OF THE SCHOOL WITH MY NEPHEW. No id check, no card file check to see if I am authorized, nothing. I was shocked. I could have been a child molester stalker whatever person.

This also had me thinking that this same thing happened last year with the nurse. He went home sick twice and I took him home and the nurse never asked or verified who I was.

Well I mentioned it to my sister in which she was shocked too. She was going to talk to the principal the next day. Well the next day came and I was at work minding my business and had stepped to the back. I saw in the camera that a woman and child came in and were inquiring about minister robes. I walked back up front to start shutting down when I realized that woman was the principal. We did small talk and then I inquired as to whether she had talked with my sister. She said she had not. My sister did ask to talk to her that day but the principal was in a meeting. So I told her what had happened and she was shocked too. She explained that one of the special ed teachers (whom I had never seen or met) was doing dismissal and she may not have remembered school policy. She thanked me for being comfortable enough to talk to her about it in a caring way and being concerned because essentially it is her job on the line.

Today, I go by my sister's house and the first thing she says is the principal came to me and told me that the dismissal lady that day knows you and knows you belong to little man. I was flabbergasted. THAT LADY DOES NOT KNOW ME. How would I know a special ed teacher? Little man is not special ed. I know only a few people there. His teacher this year and last, the lunch monitors and the secretaries which I repeat were not in the office that day. That is it. I have never seen this woman before in my life.

Essentially, this woman covered her tracks with a lie and made me look like the fool. So now I am mad and want to approach this woman on her lie but know I have to let it go. She was covering her tracks. I thought about this more, even if she knew me she did not know if I was authorized to get him so she still failed at her job either way. She looks good though to the principal and I look like the fool. I am not a problem-starter and would not have mentioned anything if I was not concerned. We are in the times that extra measures have to be taken to ensure the safety of our children.

I leave with this bit of information though. My sister along with a hundred other mothers were taking their kids home early today after a celebration. Every mother had to show id and the cards were pulled to ensure the safety of the children.

So if I had to be a fool to ensure the safety of my nephew and his school, so be it... I am the fool.


The Brown Recluse said...

I wonder if it's possible the chick had seen you in the lunch room or at some other time, when maybe you didn't notice her because you were enjoying yourself with your nephew. I hope that's the case and Chick didn't say that she knew who you were. Either way, you didn't look like a fool at all.

That corgi :) said...

Its sad that she had to cover up and lie to make herself look good and not admit she didn't follow policy

when I worked in the nursery in Montana we had numbers to identify the kids and the person picking them up had to have that card that corresponded with the number assigned to the child. Parents panicked if one had the number tag and the other picked them up but they knew they needed that tag and would go and search out the parent who had it. Even though we knew them and we could vouch it was "safe" for them to pick up their child, we still had to follow the implemented rules because that "guaranteed" we took good care of their children. The schools need to do the same thing in my opinion and be willing to admit if they deviated from policy


The Brown Recluse said...

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