Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mission Field or Battlefield

I know I only post when I have prayer requests. It has been a long year and a half going to school for my Masters and working full-time. I have one week of college work left then a comprehensive exam and I will have earned my Masters in Special Education.

Special education has led me to my mission field of helping students daily. Most days I love it but there are some days I wonder why.

The school that I have been placed at is a rough school. A very rough school. It is not only my mission field but a battlefield for spiritual warfare.

I cannot go into specific details because I have been very open in my blog about the area I live . I will tell you that I need all the prayer and annointing that I can get from everyone. A lot of things have happened this month that could have ended badly but God has shown his favor on me , my co-workers and our students.

Please continue to pray for me and all students that I encounter. Teaching is a tough job.