Friday, August 27, 2010

I just want some sleep....

My nephew stayed the night three times this week. I do love for him to stay here but when he is here , I do not get much sleep. He usually ends up in the bed with me and usually on me in some way. At night I get really hot, at night with him on me or touching me I get REALLY HOT! Usually when he sleeps with me , his head is somewhere near my mouth and that makes me closterphobic. I know, I know I do want to get married one day and I will sleep with my hubby and get used to it. For now , it is a 40 pound little boy.

So he stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night. So you would think Thursday night that I would get some sleep. Oh no! The other baby, the cat, kept pouncing on me just for a minute and then pouncing off. He would get up, do this and get down every 2- 3 minutes for 45-60 minutes. Finally, I got up out of the bed and he pounced in front of me with his tail straight up. I know what this means. It means he is hungry and out of food. It has taken me seven years to figure out his pouncing in the middle of the night means no one fed him before bed time.

He never ever lets you know he is hungry with a meow. Even when in the kitchen with an empty dish. He will just sit there at his dish and stare at it. If you are in the back part of the house and he is in the hall , he will straighten that tail out and start heading to the kitchen. That is your hint that he may be hungry and the dish is empty. That is as close to begging as you get for him. Though, he has figured out a way to get you out of the bed when he is hungry now. If he pounces enough he knows your lazy butt will get up.

As for tonight, I will get some sleep and I am going now to fill his dish up. So when he joins me in the bed, I know he is going to settle down and sleep and not keep pouncing on me all night.

Lesson learned, feed the cat before bed.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Need to get the groove...

Shocker, two posts in one day....

Well years ago, my blog started out as a way to journal my attempt at a healthy lifestyle. FAIL!

Some things have been going through my mind and I need to make some changes.

My nephew and I had a conversation. I know he is only 7. I told him that one day that I am going to adopt a little boy or girl of my own. He told me that I could not. That he was enough for me. He was not keen on another child receiving my love. This conversation led into babies in bellies. He informed me I could not adopt a baby because my belly was too big and looked like it had a baby in it. WOW! Out of the mouths of babes. It hit home . I have been in a slump for several months now and have not been taking care of myself. The scale has not budged in either direction but the muscle is now fat again.

Fast-forward one day. My good friend's mom had another heart problem this week. I inquired as to whether her grandfather or grandmother had heart problems. Indeed they did. Her grandfather died of a massive heart attack and had four heart attacks in four years. HELLO! My Dad has heart disease and had has had open-heart surgery twice. I know it can be hereditary yet lately I have done nothing about it. Why am I doing this to myself? I don't want to be old and decrepit because I was lazy and uncontrollable.

Why? Why have I allowed my slump in life to affect all aspects of my life? It is time to pull out and try to fix what I can. My body I can. I actually enjoy exercise when I get in the groove. It takes a good while to get in the groove though. So I will attempt again to get back in the groove and do something about my body and my health. It will take time and perseverance but I am going to try that GROOVE again.

Like I dont have plans....

Sometimes I get really tired of being walked all over in our business. Just because we are a Christian business it does not mean you should take advantage of us.

Would you call Walgreen's 15 minutes before they close and ask them to stay open until you get there because you have something to do the next day and can't get there tomorrow? NO, huh. Then don't call my store 15 minutes before closing, schmooze my mother into staying past closing time while you take your time driving down the road. Then arrive 15 minutes after closing with an attitude. If anyone should have the attitude , I should. I had been there since 10 AM and it was after 7 PM and I was tired. Did you take in consideration that I may have plans myself or perhaps that I was hungry for dinner? Oh no, cause you are all about you.

You only thought about you while you came up to the register and took items off my stack that I had already rung up. Then took items that I had not rung up yet and put them in your other stack of items that I had rung up. Then have the nerve to tell me with your attitude that I had rung up everything in your stack. No, I had not rung it up. I had watched you take from the stacks I had created and make your own stacks. Oh, and you had every right to get mad at me with your attitude when I did an item count of what had been rung up and surprise , surprise discover I was right when I told you I had not rung up everything in your new created stack.

Oh and by the way, when it is now 30 minutes past closing and yes by this time I have your nasty attitude , you decide to pick apart my stacks and tell me that certain items were on the Internet cheaper and I was ripping you off by .36 cents. Oh yeah, now I am angry and taking all my might not to tell you to mosey your butt back home and go buy them on the Internet next time. Oh, and for that .36 cents difference, you go pay a minimum of $3.99 shipping. Now see what you have to fuss about.

Now what really disappointed me is that you are a supposedly church leader in your church. You showed a very bad spirit in which your spirit rubbed off on me. It made me show myself a little at the end when I had had enough because you could not comprehend that I had given you a discount at the end of the transaction. Your items may have rung up for $9 a piece but I gave you the quantity discount at the end of $19.80 which brought your items down to $7.35 a piece.
Our registers are old and I can not discount every item so I have to give it at the end. I explained this to you several times but you wanted them for $7.35 plus a $19.80 discount. It does not work that way. In fact your remark to me after explaining it for the third time was... WHATEVER! Yep WHATEVER, so next time you wait to the last minute to do something and you call wanting to know what time we close and want us to stay open to satisfy you. Your answer will be "WHATEVER, we close at 7." Try me.

There is not but so much attitude one can take. Did I mention, I do not get paid?

Some of you may think I had the attitude. I was perturbed at first my mom agreed to stay open but I know this is nothing unusual for my mom because she wants to make every customer happy. I greeted them when they came in . Her husband was quite friendly but oh man she had an attitude from hello. My mom apologized to me because she came up and saw the attitude and then told me that the customer acts like that every time she comes in.

I can only tell you that this is who we deal with regularly... church leaders who act like the world. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How cute... his blanky and his pillow..

There is my Lilbit laying on his recliner with his pillow and blankie....Oh wait that is Lil Man's pillow and blankie that Lilbit steals when he is not here. What Lil Man does not know won't hurt him. Evidently Lilbit wants to be more like Lil Man or just wants all that attention. How funny that it is a Garfield blankie too. Pray for my Lilbit though because he just has not been acting right. He is usually right on me when I am home but all he has done is sleep the last few days. He is eating his regular food but has refused treats. Other than that he looks fine. Might see how he is in a few days.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

50 years

Still experiencing some life Blahhss! So I have been kind of quiet lately.

50 years.... My sister and I are planning an anniversary dinner for my parents. I have been dwelling alot on the fact they have been married for 50 years. That is a long time for dedication. I mean 50 years, Wowsers! That is longer than I have been around. Well it should be , actually. 50 years, wow. Think about that is 25 years twice, that is a lot of years.

In those 50 years, there has been good and bad. There has been some money and no money. There has been jobs and no jobs. There has been uncertainty of life and life. There has been good health and bad health. There has been the birth of two kids in two years then a third unexpected one eight years later. There has been good decisions and bad decisions. There has been easy days and not so easy days. Through it all though they have made it and survived. I write all this in present tense because the marriage is still going.

Is it perfect? No. Never has been that is what makes it real.

Do they fight? Oh yeah but as years progress it is less about the marriage things and more about stupid politics. I tell her not to respond to his politic questions but she always does which leads to a fight about politics. They are both republicans though, he is just 1000% Republican and she is 95%.

Do they love each other? They must because it has been 50 years.

Does she run around? Well yeah my mom runs all over town doing something... working, shopping, movies, theme parks, etc. He does not care just as long as he knows her approximate vicinity. If we or she has not checked in by a certain time, you can guarantee the cell phone is going to ring with him saying this exact phrase, "Where the heck are you?" See he doesn't alwasy say I love you but he shows it in other ways.

Does he run around? Heck, no. You know you will always find him in his recliner in his den in front of the television. That is his comfort zone. Nothing ever changes. They found a groove that works for them and has survived for 50 years. Yep, wow 50 years.

What has amazed me lately? Their determination to pull together as a team to take care of my grandparents in the end. After all there is another sibling and my Dad is just the son-in-law and not the favored son-in-law through the years either. They have pulled together and were really there for my grandmother. He stayed every night at their house to take care of her at night for six months. He goes up some mornings to help my grandfather get up and get going for the day then he brings my grandfather in to our store for the day so he is taken care of yet my mom can work too. Then my mom does this on the other mornings and takes him home at night. It has been amazing to watch them work together for this.

This evening it dawned on me how fast 37 years of their marriage have gone by since I have been born . So they are now closer to tying my grandparents with only 22 years to go. I know my grandparents were married 72 years but that seemed ok because after all they were my grandparents. I am still having problems with the reality that my parents are old enough to be celebrating 50 years. That just seems like such a big number for my parents.

As for our plans. Our original plans were for a cruise with just them and us kids. Thanks to the economy that is not happening this year, maybe next year. So off to plan B. We are going to have a pasta dinner at our church for church friends, old friends and family next month. My sister and I get along mostly with ideas but this time we have two different ideas. She wants serious traditional. I want fun festive fiftie's retro style. We shall see who wins or if it ends in compromise.

Sorry this post was all over the place but I told you 50 years has baffled me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Days of Youth...

I took my nephew and his buddy to Busch Gardens today. Yep I think it hit 100. Yep I know others thought I was crazy. Yep I am crazy and enjoyed it.

The two of them are just tall enough to ride the medium rides. There is one they love. Da Vinci's Cradle. When I say they love it, that is an understatement. The park was slow today because of the heat. This meant the lines were short. Yeppers. I think they rode this ride 25-30 times. They did the same in Elmo World on the Grover Express roller coaster. They did ride a few other rides once or twice and played for an hour in the water in Elmo land but most of our day was spent at two rides over and over and over. I did not care. I found a shady spot with some breeze and a good view of them. They would get off the ride and race each other back to the line again.

Why was the park slow? Cause everyone else had better sense and went to the water park or stayed home in the air condition. Had it not been for the Boy Scout Jamboree the park would have been dead.

I am glad we had a good time and just barely missed the bad storms too. I will miss his little buddy. He goes back home to South Carolina this weekend. We were able to be with him three days this week and it was a blessing. If only I could convince his mom to talk her commander into transferring her here. That wont happen because she just got promoted though. Oh well, it was a good week.

Thank you Lord for these three good days with him.