Friday, August 27, 2010

I just want some sleep....

My nephew stayed the night three times this week. I do love for him to stay here but when he is here , I do not get much sleep. He usually ends up in the bed with me and usually on me in some way. At night I get really hot, at night with him on me or touching me I get REALLY HOT! Usually when he sleeps with me , his head is somewhere near my mouth and that makes me closterphobic. I know, I know I do want to get married one day and I will sleep with my hubby and get used to it. For now , it is a 40 pound little boy.

So he stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night. So you would think Thursday night that I would get some sleep. Oh no! The other baby, the cat, kept pouncing on me just for a minute and then pouncing off. He would get up, do this and get down every 2- 3 minutes for 45-60 minutes. Finally, I got up out of the bed and he pounced in front of me with his tail straight up. I know what this means. It means he is hungry and out of food. It has taken me seven years to figure out his pouncing in the middle of the night means no one fed him before bed time.

He never ever lets you know he is hungry with a meow. Even when in the kitchen with an empty dish. He will just sit there at his dish and stare at it. If you are in the back part of the house and he is in the hall , he will straighten that tail out and start heading to the kitchen. That is your hint that he may be hungry and the dish is empty. That is as close to begging as you get for him. Though, he has figured out a way to get you out of the bed when he is hungry now. If he pounces enough he knows your lazy butt will get up.

As for tonight, I will get some sleep and I am going now to fill his dish up. So when he joins me in the bed, I know he is going to settle down and sleep and not keep pouncing on me all night.

Lesson learned, feed the cat before bed.

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That corgi :) said...

I think it is easy when people are older to get used to sleeping together. little kids tend to be all over the bed and sometimes sleep so soundly it is hard to get them to move unless you physically move them yourself; all I have to do is wiggle the bed a bit and hubby either stops snoring or moves a bit to give me room (Koda is a different story though, LOL, as he is dead weight when he sleeps and moves for nothing unless he is ready to move)

too cute about how the cat alerts you that he needs food

I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight!