Friday, August 20, 2010

Need to get the groove...

Shocker, two posts in one day....

Well years ago, my blog started out as a way to journal my attempt at a healthy lifestyle. FAIL!

Some things have been going through my mind and I need to make some changes.

My nephew and I had a conversation. I know he is only 7. I told him that one day that I am going to adopt a little boy or girl of my own. He told me that I could not. That he was enough for me. He was not keen on another child receiving my love. This conversation led into babies in bellies. He informed me I could not adopt a baby because my belly was too big and looked like it had a baby in it. WOW! Out of the mouths of babes. It hit home . I have been in a slump for several months now and have not been taking care of myself. The scale has not budged in either direction but the muscle is now fat again.

Fast-forward one day. My good friend's mom had another heart problem this week. I inquired as to whether her grandfather or grandmother had heart problems. Indeed they did. Her grandfather died of a massive heart attack and had four heart attacks in four years. HELLO! My Dad has heart disease and had has had open-heart surgery twice. I know it can be hereditary yet lately I have done nothing about it. Why am I doing this to myself? I don't want to be old and decrepit because I was lazy and uncontrollable.

Why? Why have I allowed my slump in life to affect all aspects of my life? It is time to pull out and try to fix what I can. My body I can. I actually enjoy exercise when I get in the groove. It takes a good while to get in the groove though. So I will attempt again to get back in the groove and do something about my body and my health. It will take time and perseverance but I am going to try that GROOVE again.


That corgi :) said...

you go girl! I know you'll get into that groove again!! I agree with you, it does actually feel good to exercise! I was getting so deconditioned before I headed back to the gym that even a short walk with Koda and I was all huffy puffy and just ached. A few weeks back to routine exercise and I can tell a difference in my exercise tolerance and it is a good improvement

consistent is the key!


The Brown Recluse said... feels good to get it over with for the day, I'll give you that much.
Come on and get on the train with me...we'll ride it together and get healthy.