Friday, August 20, 2010

Like I dont have plans....

Sometimes I get really tired of being walked all over in our business. Just because we are a Christian business it does not mean you should take advantage of us.

Would you call Walgreen's 15 minutes before they close and ask them to stay open until you get there because you have something to do the next day and can't get there tomorrow? NO, huh. Then don't call my store 15 minutes before closing, schmooze my mother into staying past closing time while you take your time driving down the road. Then arrive 15 minutes after closing with an attitude. If anyone should have the attitude , I should. I had been there since 10 AM and it was after 7 PM and I was tired. Did you take in consideration that I may have plans myself or perhaps that I was hungry for dinner? Oh no, cause you are all about you.

You only thought about you while you came up to the register and took items off my stack that I had already rung up. Then took items that I had not rung up yet and put them in your other stack of items that I had rung up. Then have the nerve to tell me with your attitude that I had rung up everything in your stack. No, I had not rung it up. I had watched you take from the stacks I had created and make your own stacks. Oh, and you had every right to get mad at me with your attitude when I did an item count of what had been rung up and surprise , surprise discover I was right when I told you I had not rung up everything in your new created stack.

Oh and by the way, when it is now 30 minutes past closing and yes by this time I have your nasty attitude , you decide to pick apart my stacks and tell me that certain items were on the Internet cheaper and I was ripping you off by .36 cents. Oh yeah, now I am angry and taking all my might not to tell you to mosey your butt back home and go buy them on the Internet next time. Oh, and for that .36 cents difference, you go pay a minimum of $3.99 shipping. Now see what you have to fuss about.

Now what really disappointed me is that you are a supposedly church leader in your church. You showed a very bad spirit in which your spirit rubbed off on me. It made me show myself a little at the end when I had had enough because you could not comprehend that I had given you a discount at the end of the transaction. Your items may have rung up for $9 a piece but I gave you the quantity discount at the end of $19.80 which brought your items down to $7.35 a piece.
Our registers are old and I can not discount every item so I have to give it at the end. I explained this to you several times but you wanted them for $7.35 plus a $19.80 discount. It does not work that way. In fact your remark to me after explaining it for the third time was... WHATEVER! Yep WHATEVER, so next time you wait to the last minute to do something and you call wanting to know what time we close and want us to stay open to satisfy you. Your answer will be "WHATEVER, we close at 7." Try me.

There is not but so much attitude one can take. Did I mention, I do not get paid?

Some of you may think I had the attitude. I was perturbed at first my mom agreed to stay open but I know this is nothing unusual for my mom because she wants to make every customer happy. I greeted them when they came in . Her husband was quite friendly but oh man she had an attitude from hello. My mom apologized to me because she came up and saw the attitude and then told me that the customer acts like that every time she comes in.

I can only tell you that this is who we deal with regularly... church leaders who act like the world. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite?


That corgi :) said...

its sad, Becky, but it is for that reason that so many people are turned off about God because of how "his" people act. Despicable how she treated you and your parents and the store.


The Brown Recluse said...

When it's near closing time, make sure you always answer the phone and tell them how sorry you are that you close at 7, and you'll be open the next morning at *whatever* time!
ditto what Betty said about that being the reason so many folks are turned off about God.