Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Days of Youth...

I took my nephew and his buddy to Busch Gardens today. Yep I think it hit 100. Yep I know others thought I was crazy. Yep I am crazy and enjoyed it.

The two of them are just tall enough to ride the medium rides. There is one they love. Da Vinci's Cradle. When I say they love it, that is an understatement. The park was slow today because of the heat. This meant the lines were short. Yeppers. I think they rode this ride 25-30 times. They did the same in Elmo World on the Grover Express roller coaster. They did ride a few other rides once or twice and played for an hour in the water in Elmo land but most of our day was spent at two rides over and over and over. I did not care. I found a shady spot with some breeze and a good view of them. They would get off the ride and race each other back to the line again.

Why was the park slow? Cause everyone else had better sense and went to the water park or stayed home in the air condition. Had it not been for the Boy Scout Jamboree the park would have been dead.

I am glad we had a good time and just barely missed the bad storms too. I will miss his little buddy. He goes back home to South Carolina this weekend. We were able to be with him three days this week and it was a blessing. If only I could convince his mom to talk her commander into transferring her here. That wont happen because she just got promoted though. Oh well, it was a good week.

Thank you Lord for these three good days with him.

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The Brown Recluse said...

What wonderful memories you gave those boys...I never had an aunt like that, though I do have some very special aunts.