Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nope, nope not going to do it....

Nopers, not going to do it..... Tonight I drove up in my driveway to find not just Fluffy, the stray cat we have been taking care of, but also a short haired orange tabby standing with him in the yard. They were not fighting they literally were standing in the yard like two old buddies sitting around talking. It first shocked me because my indoor kitty is a short haired orange tabby. I first had to make sure it was not him but at that moment he jumped up in the window so I was relieved. But I have to say, nope not going to do it, I am not going to take care of two outdoor kitties. I would go broke. Maybe Fluffy just invited him over as a one time thing for dinner, a dinner date perhaps.

Another, nopers, not going to do it.... I went past a Popeye's Chicken in another area of town today and noticed that at 2 PM, the drive-through was wrapped around the building. I thought, wow that is weird for 2 PM. Then I dismissed it. On my way home from church I drove by my neighborhood Popeye's. Oh my, there must have been 100 cars in the parking lot and overflowing. The drive through was wrapped around not once but twice. I made a call to my BIL, who seems to know everything, well he did not know about this. I came home and went to the website. It said, today only, April 22 an 8 piece chicken for $4.99. OK, I know Popeye's is some good chicken, but NO , I am not going to do it. I am not going to stand in line with a 100 people for $5 chicken. My question to Popeye's... Did you really have enough chicken in your store to feed all these people. Some may have done it but once again... Nope, nope I am not going to do it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I went to the park today with my nephew. I was sitting on the bench reading my study guide for my upcoming test this Saturday when a woman came and sat next to me. I looked up and noticed she was Muslim. This overcoming spirit came over me to pray for her. I was feeling convicted to put my book down and just pray for her to be receptive to the Gospel of Christ. I have never had this feeling before. My conviction was not to talk to her but only to pray. She looked at me a few times and smiled. She was a beautiful woman. I prayed and prayed while sitting there and then a beautiful Monarch butterfly flew by. I know a butterfly means new life. I thought there is a reason we were both put on this bench. I was not feeling the conviction to witness but feeling the conviction to pray for her salvation and her receptiveness. That butterfly was a sign to me that God is going to send someone into her path who has the gift of evangelism. My gift today was intercessory prayer. I had to get up and at the same time she got up. How coincidental. I think not.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Whooo, that was close...

I needed gas in my car, ummmh, I really needed gas in my car. The gas light came on Wednesday morning on the way to work. I am picky about my gas and would not pass my usual gas place, BJ's that day so I procrastinated on my way home from work. I also procrastinated on my way to have lunch with my nephew at school. I was running late as usual. As I pulled out, I was literally praying I would make it the three miles to BJ's. Indeed I did with little to spare. My car has an 11 gallon tank . When I finished filling it, it took 10.98 gallons. Whoo! I made it with only fumes to spare.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh my, that was a lot of people

Oh my that was a lot of people....

I have said that alot this week. Thursday , we went to Busch Gardens. I think everyone in this metro area went there that day too. I also think everyone played hookie from work. We were in one of 10 lines to get in the park for over 30 minutes. Seven of these lines were backed to the interstate and the other three were backed up to the highway. It was unbelievable. I won't even tell you about how busy the new Sesame Street area was. Just trust me when I say, " Oh my."

Then this evening we went to a night time Easter Egg hunt at a local church. They were advertising over 20,000 eggs. Yes, 20,000. I was astounded on the number of kids and adults at this function. It really was not a hunt but a pick up because there were so many eggs. There is another church doing a 30,000 egg drop tomorrow.

Now for my deep thoughts. Our church had an Easter Egg hunt this morning. We did not have a lot of eggs. We did not have a lot of people, maybe 50 with adults. We offered a free pancake and bacon breakfast. We only advertised it to our own church and the apartments across the street. We use every opportunity to build relationships with the apartment community in our church neighborhood. At first when I went to the evening hunt with so many people, I was thinking our egg hunt was pitiful compared to this one. We did have a storytime before our hunt and this one had an object lesson. This one had big prizes and we only had cd's. The one this evening the guy had to keep telling everyone to shush so that people would hear the object lesson. We did not have that problem. The kids this evening did not listen to object lesson, their minds were on the 20,000 eggs. Our kids today listened and enjoyed the story. Our kids had to actually hunt for eggs not just walk in the field and pick them up because there were so many that they could not be hidden. The staff and members of our church were able to interact, mingle and get acquainted with the guests. This other hunt they were concerned about registration not interaction. As I really pondered the differences, I pondered is bigger really better. Have we lost our focus from evangelism and outreach to just trying to be the church that had the biggest turnout or have the biggest event of the holiday?

I really do not know where my thoughts are going now with this subject. Some may say I am being hypocritical because our own church had an hunt but it was just to our immediate community. We can not get them to come to church so we have events such as this because they will come. This is our opportunity to build a bridge. We did not use gimmicks such as 20-30,000 eggs to entice people. Would more people be impacted if all the churches focused on smaller events with the opportunity to interact with the guests on a more personal level. At the same time I realize if one soul was impacted then the whole event was worth it but are these events a distraction for others and actually hinder their decision. Then I think about the time it took to stuff these eggs, 20,000 eggs is a lot of stuffing. Could this time have been used for other things such as witnessing or helping others?

As I continue pondering these thoughts....Let's not forget that Easter is about the death and resurrection of our Saviour not about the number of eggs we have to hunt.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Went to Busch Gardens today and it was so beautiful. The new Sesame Street section opened and it was so cool. Hope tomorrow is just as beautiful.