Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nope, nope not going to do it....

Nopers, not going to do it..... Tonight I drove up in my driveway to find not just Fluffy, the stray cat we have been taking care of, but also a short haired orange tabby standing with him in the yard. They were not fighting they literally were standing in the yard like two old buddies sitting around talking. It first shocked me because my indoor kitty is a short haired orange tabby. I first had to make sure it was not him but at that moment he jumped up in the window so I was relieved. But I have to say, nope not going to do it, I am not going to take care of two outdoor kitties. I would go broke. Maybe Fluffy just invited him over as a one time thing for dinner, a dinner date perhaps.

Another, nopers, not going to do it.... I went past a Popeye's Chicken in another area of town today and noticed that at 2 PM, the drive-through was wrapped around the building. I thought, wow that is weird for 2 PM. Then I dismissed it. On my way home from church I drove by my neighborhood Popeye's. Oh my, there must have been 100 cars in the parking lot and overflowing. The drive through was wrapped around not once but twice. I made a call to my BIL, who seems to know everything, well he did not know about this. I came home and went to the website. It said, today only, April 22 an 8 piece chicken for $4.99. OK, I know Popeye's is some good chicken, but NO , I am not going to do it. I am not going to stand in line with a 100 people for $5 chicken. My question to Popeye's... Did you really have enough chicken in your store to feed all these people. Some may have done it but once again... Nope, nope I am not going to do it.

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Theresa said...

Nope, nope can't say I blame you there!
But, now I know why someone offered to feed my two older girls lunch yesterday...they had Popeye's chicken! LOL