Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Our Pastor has been choosing advent devotions to put in the bulletin each week. He is getting them from a devotional booklet that various members contributed to years ago. The one for this week dates back to 1992 and was written by my brother and I want to share.

The Often Forgotten Gift
John 14:14 and 26
Romans 8:26

At this time of year all of our focus is on God's gift to us, Christ Jesus. The importance of and the great sacrifice God made in giving up His only Son to save us will never be repaid in its full value.

Until the time of Jesus' return, God gave us another gift that is so often forgotten. The only mystery about this gift is why so many Christians tedn to live their lives on their own with no consideration of that power this gift could have. It is like giving a gift at Christmas to someone who is very close to you only to find out years later that this person took these gifts , put them in the closet and never opened them. The contents of these gifts could have made life incredibly easier.

It's the same concept with God's gift to us. What are we missing by not fully using the gift that He gave us? If only we would open His gift, we would find this gift would guide us in all understanding in every aspect of your life. Not just in your worship Sunday, but in our every decision that we have to make. Do you think He would count the hairs on our heads and not help us in every chore and decision we make? I don't think so.

Let's not forget one of His promises that He made to us that can only be fully appreciated after we open His gift to us. " You may ask me for anything in my Name, and I will do it." Isn't about time we unwrap the gift God gave us, the Holy Spirit and benefit walking the Spirit filled life?