Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sometimes only " OH $&#@! " will do

Yes there are times even in a strong Christian's life when only " OH $&#@" will do. You can fill in whatever word you choose because I probably said it in the course of one minute. See it was a dark rainy night... This sounds like a horror story... Anyways, it was dark and rainy. I came home and the stray kitty, Fluffy was waiting on the porch to be fed like every night but this night he had positioned himself right under the gutters against the door where it was not raining. I kept pushing him away with my foot but he thought my foot was a scratching post for his head. I kept pushing gently and thought I had the clear to get in and then it happened. He ran in with me and my poor sweet indoor kitty was standing in the living room innocently when Fluffy ran straight for him. My cat took off running and spitting, across the living room through the den and to the kitchen. Fluffy was just a running behind him. My cat took off under the kitchen table and I cornered Fluffy but he slapped and scratched me. So I went to find a blanket that I could cover him and get him without me getting hurt and I noticed the front door was wide-open and my kitty was no where to be found. Yep that is when all sorts of things came out of my mouth. I freaked out but first captured Fluffy and dispensed of him outside and ran back in the house. My cat was no where to be found. I was freaking when suddenly my cat came out of my room. I was very very happy. I think it is time for Fluffy to go to the Humane Society or the Cat Corner when I am able to catch him again. No more scares for me. He really is friendly and he must have been someones indoor kitty because he purrs and wants to be around people. Well anyone want a friendly cat named Fluffy. I just don't need anymore " OH $&#@" moments. To those who know me and are surprised at my language. My sincere apologies. I am only human.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Wallflower Danced...

I have a book I have been reading for forever called, "When Wallflowers Dance". I have not finished it yet , I know I know I work in a bookstore but the problem is I get interested in a lot of books at one time. This is book is about having the confidence God wants us to have and having the life we are meant to have. Well I am being led to finish that book very soon. You see , I am the wallflower. Always have been . I sat on the wall while my friends danced and I would say, " no I am happy watching" but I really wasn't. I yearned to be out there. This past Saturday I went to a wedding of a friend. It shocked me that she did have dancing at her wedding ( she's a preacher's daughter, not mine though) but it was all tasteful. The table I was seated at was with my pastor and music director so I was being a wallflower again pretending I did not want to dance. I looked across the room and a young man in our church with special needs was out there dancing without a partner while everyone around him had partners. The "wallflower" in me got some confidence , got up from the table , walked across the dance floor and danced with Ronnie. Now, I can not dance but I did not care, I was having fun with Ronnie. When the "electric slide" came on , I sat down because I knew I would be sliding in all the wrong directions. I was so proud of myself. It was the first time I had ever danced on a dance floor on my own without being forced. All week long it has boosted my confidence. I hope that if I am in the situation again that I remember no one cared I could not dance, we were having fun. In fact my friend's dad came up to me and said he saw me dancing and said I could dance good and he could not dance at all. See what happens when you stop being the wallflower. I hope I remember the feeling I had that day and still have today. My life is changing and I have to remember to no longer be the wallflower, approach life with confidence and dance, dance , dance.

NOW, as for the baptist in me... Ronnie's mother came up to me and thanked me for dancing with him. I told her it was fun but I am sure there would be a deacon's meeting soon about removing me as Sunday School teacher because I danced. She just laughed. Today I received our church newsletter and the preacher posted in the blips and tips that Ronnie and I had danced at the wedding.Oh and I was not the only one to dance either, the music director's wife danced with him too:) I guess it was not too bad of a sin... Ahhh! The Baptist ways .

As for a little update, pray for my BIL as he recovers from surgery. He had acute appendicitis and had to have surgery late Monday night. I stayed with munchkin that night and he woke up at 4 am with a bug and a fever. It has been quite a week.

Friday, March 13, 2009


My friend sent me an email yesterday with the good news that her daughter had given birth to triplets. Natural conception too. They were born one minute apart. The identical girls weighed almost five pounds and the boy was over five pounds. They are doing great. Can you imagine the excitement in that family? Please uplift this family in your prayers as the triplets continue to strengthen so they can join their older sisters at home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My God Is Awesome

Our family and our business have been in a terrible spiritual warfare battle. I questioned my faith at times but stood firm on the Word. That is why I have been quiet for a week or so.

If you helped start a nasty rumor based on someone else's trust and naiveness.... SHAME ON YOU!

If you helped spread the rumor you heard.... SHAME ON YOU!

If you hit us at our lowest and tried to get all you could out of us before we went down... SHAME ON YOU!

You know why.... because MY GOD IS AWESOME!

Our family still stands, our jobs still stand and our business still stands. OUR GOD STILL STANDS!!!!!
If you stood behind us and prayed for us and supported us during our turmoil... THANK YOU! You are true friends.

It all may be temporary but for the time being we are still standing. Honestly, if things had went the opposite I would be hurt but I would know God is in control anyways. It would be hard but I would cling onto my faith, even when I wanted to doubt it or question it, I always turned back to God.

Praise the Lord! I am thankful for such an AWESOME GOD!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Did you know a cold shower really is not invigorating?..... Nope it isn't. It actually gave me a headache. The garage pipes froze last night and there was no hot water for a shower. Only cold and I must say very very cold since it was only 21 degrees this morning. Nope not invigorating. I must say it was the fastest shower I have ever taken. I even had to blow dry my toes to warm them up after my collllldddd shower. In my opinion a cold shower was better than no shower at all.

Did you know that the pipes froze because I turned the faucet off last night?... Yes , I did. I was thinking, wow someone left the water dripping and that will cost on the water bill. See I was trying to think economically and it back-fired. Lesson learned.

Do you know who Jack Bauer is?.... I didn't. That name has come up twice today and I was feeling kind of dumb but good old google helped me out. He is a character on "24". I must say the only time I watched that show was years ago in a hotel room with my brother and he managed to get the remote control before me or my mother. I suffered through it. Surprisingly enough the actor in real life could be a distant relative.

Did you know watching snow melt is so depressing?.. Yep it is. Yesterday it was so pretty and white and today soggy and depressing as the sun melted everything away and it was only in the 20's most of the day.

Can you believe the " Biggest Loser" was "to be continued"?... They made me sit through all the weigh-in's to see if they will win their new challenge and on the very last guy they were about to reveal his weight loss because he needed to lose 10 pounds for there to be no elimination this week and then they cut it off and said" to be continued". How rotten of them , now I have to wait a week.

Can you believe "The Bachelor"?... I have not watched it but a few times all season but to break up with the girl on the After Rose ceremony. He had those feelings for awhile. The decent thing would have been to do it before the show went "live". I really felt sorry for her. I think it was all staged for ratings anyhow. As for the other girl, I don't know , I just don't know if I could be with him after being rejected that night. I just don't know. I would have to do some long thinking.

Did you know it is past my bedtime and I have two thoughts in my head?... Nope you don't, the first is that I am going to pray that I have at least warm water for a shower in the morning . I am not turning the faucets off tonight. The second is there is homemade bread pudding calling my name in the fridge and I am trying to resist even though I do have 300 calories left to eat today. Hmmh, what should I do?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun in the snow...

I kidnapped my nephew today for some fun in the snow... I am such a kid at heart. Check out his mismatched gloves, one is batman and the other is his moms pink glove. He had to have fresh and dry gloves and coat everytime we went out. At some point you do run out and make do. The top one is him making snowangels , that big pink glove again. I loved hearing him laugh and giggle while throwing his snowballs. It was a great day.

This is our snowman we drew... too hard to build one with just an inch of snow, oh well it is still a snowman.

Finally... Some Snow

I was excited to see the snow but diappointed that I would not be babysitting my nephew since his daddy played hookie. I woke up at 5:30 AM and at first was disappointed but then I took a second look and it was the pretty white stuff. This was my car this morning. Now I have to figure out a way to get to my nephew's house so we can make snowangels.