Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Did you know a cold shower really is not invigorating?..... Nope it isn't. It actually gave me a headache. The garage pipes froze last night and there was no hot water for a shower. Only cold and I must say very very cold since it was only 21 degrees this morning. Nope not invigorating. I must say it was the fastest shower I have ever taken. I even had to blow dry my toes to warm them up after my collllldddd shower. In my opinion a cold shower was better than no shower at all.

Did you know that the pipes froze because I turned the faucet off last night?... Yes , I did. I was thinking, wow someone left the water dripping and that will cost on the water bill. See I was trying to think economically and it back-fired. Lesson learned.

Do you know who Jack Bauer is?.... I didn't. That name has come up twice today and I was feeling kind of dumb but good old google helped me out. He is a character on "24". I must say the only time I watched that show was years ago in a hotel room with my brother and he managed to get the remote control before me or my mother. I suffered through it. Surprisingly enough the actor in real life could be a distant relative.

Did you know watching snow melt is so depressing?.. Yep it is. Yesterday it was so pretty and white and today soggy and depressing as the sun melted everything away and it was only in the 20's most of the day.

Can you believe the " Biggest Loser" was "to be continued"?... They made me sit through all the weigh-in's to see if they will win their new challenge and on the very last guy they were about to reveal his weight loss because he needed to lose 10 pounds for there to be no elimination this week and then they cut it off and said" to be continued". How rotten of them , now I have to wait a week.

Can you believe "The Bachelor"?... I have not watched it but a few times all season but to break up with the girl on the After Rose ceremony. He had those feelings for awhile. The decent thing would have been to do it before the show went "live". I really felt sorry for her. I think it was all staged for ratings anyhow. As for the other girl, I don't know , I just don't know if I could be with him after being rejected that night. I just don't know. I would have to do some long thinking.

Did you know it is past my bedtime and I have two thoughts in my head?... Nope you don't, the first is that I am going to pray that I have at least warm water for a shower in the morning . I am not turning the faucets off tonight. The second is there is homemade bread pudding calling my name in the fridge and I am trying to resist even though I do have 300 calories left to eat today. Hmmh, what should I do?

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