Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sometimes only " OH $&#@! " will do

Yes there are times even in a strong Christian's life when only " OH $&#@" will do. You can fill in whatever word you choose because I probably said it in the course of one minute. See it was a dark rainy night... This sounds like a horror story... Anyways, it was dark and rainy. I came home and the stray kitty, Fluffy was waiting on the porch to be fed like every night but this night he had positioned himself right under the gutters against the door where it was not raining. I kept pushing him away with my foot but he thought my foot was a scratching post for his head. I kept pushing gently and thought I had the clear to get in and then it happened. He ran in with me and my poor sweet indoor kitty was standing in the living room innocently when Fluffy ran straight for him. My cat took off running and spitting, across the living room through the den and to the kitchen. Fluffy was just a running behind him. My cat took off under the kitchen table and I cornered Fluffy but he slapped and scratched me. So I went to find a blanket that I could cover him and get him without me getting hurt and I noticed the front door was wide-open and my kitty was no where to be found. Yep that is when all sorts of things came out of my mouth. I freaked out but first captured Fluffy and dispensed of him outside and ran back in the house. My cat was no where to be found. I was freaking when suddenly my cat came out of my room. I was very very happy. I think it is time for Fluffy to go to the Humane Society or the Cat Corner when I am able to catch him again. No more scares for me. He really is friendly and he must have been someones indoor kitty because he purrs and wants to be around people. Well anyone want a friendly cat named Fluffy. I just don't need anymore " OH $&#@" moments. To those who know me and are surprised at my language. My sincere apologies. I am only human.

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