Monday, March 9, 2009

My God Is Awesome

Our family and our business have been in a terrible spiritual warfare battle. I questioned my faith at times but stood firm on the Word. That is why I have been quiet for a week or so.

If you helped start a nasty rumor based on someone else's trust and naiveness.... SHAME ON YOU!

If you helped spread the rumor you heard.... SHAME ON YOU!

If you hit us at our lowest and tried to get all you could out of us before we went down... SHAME ON YOU!

You know why.... because MY GOD IS AWESOME!

Our family still stands, our jobs still stand and our business still stands. OUR GOD STILL STANDS!!!!!
If you stood behind us and prayed for us and supported us during our turmoil... THANK YOU! You are true friends.

It all may be temporary but for the time being we are still standing. Honestly, if things had went the opposite I would be hurt but I would know God is in control anyways. It would be hard but I would cling onto my faith, even when I wanted to doubt it or question it, I always turned back to God.

Praise the Lord! I am thankful for such an AWESOME GOD!

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a corgi said...

((((Becky)))) I'm so glad it worked out the way it did, but I'm so sorry about the pain you went through; but so thankful of your belief that the Lord is awesome and good no matter what the outcome would have been!