Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Wallflower Danced...

I have a book I have been reading for forever called, "When Wallflowers Dance". I have not finished it yet , I know I know I work in a bookstore but the problem is I get interested in a lot of books at one time. This is book is about having the confidence God wants us to have and having the life we are meant to have. Well I am being led to finish that book very soon. You see , I am the wallflower. Always have been . I sat on the wall while my friends danced and I would say, " no I am happy watching" but I really wasn't. I yearned to be out there. This past Saturday I went to a wedding of a friend. It shocked me that she did have dancing at her wedding ( she's a preacher's daughter, not mine though) but it was all tasteful. The table I was seated at was with my pastor and music director so I was being a wallflower again pretending I did not want to dance. I looked across the room and a young man in our church with special needs was out there dancing without a partner while everyone around him had partners. The "wallflower" in me got some confidence , got up from the table , walked across the dance floor and danced with Ronnie. Now, I can not dance but I did not care, I was having fun with Ronnie. When the "electric slide" came on , I sat down because I knew I would be sliding in all the wrong directions. I was so proud of myself. It was the first time I had ever danced on a dance floor on my own without being forced. All week long it has boosted my confidence. I hope that if I am in the situation again that I remember no one cared I could not dance, we were having fun. In fact my friend's dad came up to me and said he saw me dancing and said I could dance good and he could not dance at all. See what happens when you stop being the wallflower. I hope I remember the feeling I had that day and still have today. My life is changing and I have to remember to no longer be the wallflower, approach life with confidence and dance, dance , dance.

NOW, as for the baptist in me... Ronnie's mother came up to me and thanked me for dancing with him. I told her it was fun but I am sure there would be a deacon's meeting soon about removing me as Sunday School teacher because I danced. She just laughed. Today I received our church newsletter and the preacher posted in the blips and tips that Ronnie and I had danced at the wedding.Oh and I was not the only one to dance either, the music director's wife danced with him too:) I guess it was not too bad of a sin... Ahhh! The Baptist ways .

As for a little update, pray for my BIL as he recovers from surgery. He had acute appendicitis and had to have surgery late Monday night. I stayed with munchkin that night and he woke up at 4 am with a bug and a fever. It has been quite a week.

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Jenn said...

I really liked this post...Thanks for sharing!! Hope little man is feeling better! Poor Guy. It's hard to see them sick. Have a great weekend!!