Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Continue praying

Family friend is still not doing well. Please continue to pray.

So many things similar to my brother and is causing a lot of flashbacks for me.

The next 2 days are very critical.

Monday, January 27, 2014


I have a family friend who needs prayer tonight. My heart is heavy. He had a heart attack today and things are looking bleak. Please pray for Carl.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Prayer Request

Pray for my Dad... just hasnt been doing well since the last incident just before Christmas. I cant explain the details. I can just say....lift him and our family in prayer.

God Meeting

Upon my brother's death, there was one particular salesman that meant a lot to us that I wanted to contact. I could not find anything with his name on it and I knew he had left the company he had previously worked for. I googled him but came up with no one person. I knew this person would want to know. I had thought about him several times in the last 14 months wondering if he had ever found out.I knew he lived in NC and it was within 3 hours of where we live but still nothing.

December 30, I am at Busch Garden's Christmas Town with my cousin and meeting some friends also. My Mom says, Becky look up. I look up and see no one I know. She said look over there at the popcorn stand. Lo and Behold, it was our old salesman, he is not old though. He left his family and came up to us and was talking. I finally looked at him and said, "Steve, you do know about Rob?" He looked dumbfounded and said, "What about Rob?". I said , "He is in Heaven." He asked what did you say. I repeated it. He sat there with his mouth opened. Then he started asking the hows and whys. He asked why we did not contact his old company... I just did not think about that. He said that he would have driven in for Rob's funeral and was remorseful that he did not know.

Why is that such a God meeting? I had tried to find him several times, no success. We live just 45 minutes from this amusement park. He lives over 3 hours away, What are the chances we were there on the same night at the same time and run into him?.....God Meeting.

He also took our information to contact someone who may be interested in buying our stock in storage. That would be a huge God Meeting... I am praying.


FREE SPIRIT.....That is what I was referred to this evening. I never really have considered myself a free spirit but I guess I am. 

I don't like to plan things. Well, there are some things that have to be planned and I do plan those things. I have to plan traveling. I have to plan Sunday School lessons. You plan weddings, showers and birthday parties. I had to plan when to take my classes for college which were not classes for 6-8 years. I do not like planning to do anything at night anymore. I went to school from 5:30-10 most nights for 6-8 years. I am burnt out on knowing I had to be somewhere at certain times for so long. 

I don't like making plans and having to cancel for various reasons. I get disappointed in not being able to do something I planned because something came up to prevent it. This could be family problems, medical issues and etc. This happens a lot. 

It can be something I really want to do but me dedicating to it up until the day it happens is hard for me to do. It can be a one night meeting. I will spend the whole day dreading going to that meeting. It can be a Bible study I love but knowing it is every Wednesday night for so many weeks just puts a damper on it for me. 

I don't like rushing to do this to get to that. I don't like leaving something I am enjoying to go to something else I committed to. 

I know all this sounds crazy to some that have to plan everything. I have always said that I go with the flow but free spirit fits. 

I may wake up and decide to go to a movie, a local amusement park, the beach, shopping, you just never know. 

I may have eaten dinner and remember a free concert I wanted to see is in an hour and go. Thats me... go with the flow. 

Free Spirit Becky...if the mood fits I will go. It may be out of my comfort zone but if it strikes, I will go. If you call me at last minute and ask to go somewhere, I will probably go. If you call and make plans. I will tell you sure but my life changes at any given second and things could change. My friends have learned to adjust and accept. They know I will probably be there but they also know the circumstances in my life could change at any minute , like the wind.