Thursday, January 9, 2014


FREE SPIRIT.....That is what I was referred to this evening. I never really have considered myself a free spirit but I guess I am. 

I don't like to plan things. Well, there are some things that have to be planned and I do plan those things. I have to plan traveling. I have to plan Sunday School lessons. You plan weddings, showers and birthday parties. I had to plan when to take my classes for college which were not classes for 6-8 years. I do not like planning to do anything at night anymore. I went to school from 5:30-10 most nights for 6-8 years. I am burnt out on knowing I had to be somewhere at certain times for so long. 

I don't like making plans and having to cancel for various reasons. I get disappointed in not being able to do something I planned because something came up to prevent it. This could be family problems, medical issues and etc. This happens a lot. 

It can be something I really want to do but me dedicating to it up until the day it happens is hard for me to do. It can be a one night meeting. I will spend the whole day dreading going to that meeting. It can be a Bible study I love but knowing it is every Wednesday night for so many weeks just puts a damper on it for me. 

I don't like rushing to do this to get to that. I don't like leaving something I am enjoying to go to something else I committed to. 

I know all this sounds crazy to some that have to plan everything. I have always said that I go with the flow but free spirit fits. 

I may wake up and decide to go to a movie, a local amusement park, the beach, shopping, you just never know. 

I may have eaten dinner and remember a free concert I wanted to see is in an hour and go. Thats me... go with the flow. 

Free Spirit Becky...if the mood fits I will go. It may be out of my comfort zone but if it strikes, I will go. If you call me at last minute and ask to go somewhere, I will probably go. If you call and make plans. I will tell you sure but my life changes at any given second and things could change. My friends have learned to adjust and accept. They know I will probably be there but they also know the circumstances in my life could change at any minute , like the wind. 



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betty said...

I get what you are saying Becky; you like spontaniety (I do not believe I spelled that word right) over commitment so to speak. I'm the "mother" of planners. I do get being spontaneous but I also like the routine of my plans :)