Friday, November 25, 2011


Why ?

Why is it that the people that are closest to you hurt you the most?

:(   Hurt twice this week deep by family members. Not the crazy lady this time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving to all my three bloggers!

How was my strange Thanksgiving? Very nice overall but very different.

The day started at 7:30 with a phone call that my Brother-In-Law needed a ride to the hospital so that he could drive my sister home who had just passed out at work. I was flabbergasted because she had only been at work for an hour. I took him not knowing she was still in the ER and I would have my nephew for most of the day. I do love him so I did not mind. In the long run, she was dehydrated which caused her sugar level to go off whack and she passed out. In the mean time, because of her previous infection they wanted to make sure there was no infection anywhere else so that ordered a CT scan. Once again because of a wild freak inconsistency in her blood sugar and dehydration, a test was run looking for one thing and found something else. They discovered that she has a fatty liver and needs to see a specialist on Monday. This was unrelated to her dehydration that caused her to pass out today. God knew.

I then came home with him , did some things around the house, cooked and watched the parade.

They still were not home by noon. We had signed up to go serve the needy at the Y , so we took munchkin with us. He did not want to go. He only had to serve a few people but he had such a great attitude about helping. At the end, he was hungry and ate a plate of food. When he says he is hungry, we feed him because he rarely says he is hungry.

Lastly, we ended up at my brother's house for, not turkey but chili and clam chowder. I was not looking forward to this and I have my reasons  but it turned out to be a nice evening even without the stuffing and turkey. I will get that on Sunday with the big family gathering.

I did miss having my stuffing on Thanksgiving today and was contemplating going to the store for Stove Top but I did not. The neighbors were frying a turkey and I was tempted to steal it when they went inside but I did not. It smelled so good.

So Sunday , when you are tired of your leftovers and scrunge your face at the thought of turkey or possibly you are eating turkey chili. Remember me when I will just be celebrating with that tasty food and it will be hot and fresh.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Well, Very busy with a project idea that I experimented with Super Glu but had to break down and buy a hot glue gun. It was well worth the $2.49.

Tada! THis is the finished project . Just turn your head sideways because as smart as I am with technology, I did not move this to another program to flop it. Sorry.

They are about 8" tall made out of bells from the Dollar Tree. Ornaments from a discount store. Ribbon mainly from Dollar Tree. Total costs without the cost of the glue gun is less than $3 a  piece. This picture does not do their beauty justice. They are beautiful. I have made 13  of them as of tonight and have sold two of them at our business for $8  a piece. The silver is my favorite. I will post a pic later of that one. I have materials for at least 10 more.

If you are on my list, you know what you are getting, :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Some useless information you may need one day if you decide to use SupeGlu from the Dollar Store.

FIRST...Don't use SuperGlu from the dollar store. It sticks to your fingers way more than the object you are gluing.

SECOND...Don't believe what the first Internet search turns up for getting SuperGlu off hands. Laundry detergent and warm water don't work.

THIRD...My bright idea of Listerine does not work either.

FOURTH.... Do listen to the second Internet search and try salt with a little of water. It took 80% of the glue off the 8 of 10 fingers that were superglued.

At least my fingers are comfortable enough to live with for the next few days. I was miserable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting back in the groove

I went back to the doctor for a diabetes check up. I was disappointed because the scale did not show that I had lost weight. Yet, my clothes are too big and people are telling me they can tell I have lost weight.

I did not let this discourage me though. I decided to start going back to the Y and I did. I only went for 30 minutes but it was a start.

I did observe a water aerobics class I used to take and am going to start going after Thanksgiving. I did reactivate my weight training account and will start back with that the next time I go.

I did decided to take some of my Thanksgiving Day and help serve the lonely and homeless at the Y on that day. We dont celebrate until Sunday , anyways.

All this trying to be encouraged and then lost it when the doctor does not like my numbers and wants to increase meds as soon as he gets my A1C checked again. In August it was an 11 and it should be a 6.

Just a health update for anyone that cares.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's back.....

My older computer with the big screen and the bigger keyboard is back temporarily. I will only be using it to type things because the computer is old and slow. Real slow but for typing it beats the mini.

I do have good news to report.

Though I have not weighed myself, I am having to give away two pair of pants that are way too big. I bought them a size too big a few years ago but got away with them being slightly too big. I bought them too big because I bought them online and usually their clothes run small. These did not but if I had bought the next size down then they probably would have been slightly too small. Well I wore them the other day and spent most of my day pulling them up. So, showing some improvement.

I bought two shirts recently, one my size and one a size larger because that is all they had and I loved the shirt. Well both shirts are too big, one just big and the other way too big. I wear it anyways.

I know mentally I need to buy the next size down but I have not needed that size in so long that it is hard and then I worry about it being too small and wasting my money. If it is too big I can still wear it, you know.

No lectures please on the fact that stores have fitting rooms. I HATE trying on clothes. Really I HATE trying on clothes and that is being nice about it.

A Nice Gesture....

It really was a nice gesture to make a sympathy note for your teacher who lost her Father that week BUT.......get a dictionary.

This is what it said, word for word. It was nicely stenciled too.

Outside:   Sorry for your lost...

Inside:    But it was his time to go on and become an angle.

Yes, this was someone at least in the 9th grade. Sad thing is it is also my Alma Mater. We were taught good, can't you tell.

Kudos for her having a great heart and making the card for her teacher.Kudos for giving me my laugh for the day. Her math teacher should be proud. I have seen many images of Heavenly Angels but have yet to see a Heavenly Angle. Maybe she knows more than we know, who knows.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know I have been quiet lately. It is not because of lack of things to post. I have plenty but I am still on the mini-laptop and not happy about it. I tried two used keyboards on the main computer and they were both bad then the mouse went bad too. Oh Boy!

So the latest thing my mom's sister has done to send us in a tizzy.....

We had grandchildren day last Sunday. All of the grandchildren went up at some point and took the things we wanted. I took some knickknacks and then requested the antique tea cart if no one else wanted it. My Sister did want it but is going to take it until I have a place of my own because she knows I did not take much. My sister took some things. My brother and sister-in-law took some things. My cousin took a lot. I mean a lot. She has not had a house for 2 years so she took a lot of dressers and furniture. My Mom's sister kept saying,, Well after the grandkids are gone there will not be anything to sell at an estate sale. Then she got even more upset when my decided to take the antique sewing machine. She knew it was worth a lot of money but it really was not. Her husband followed us all in the house watching every item that we were taking. That was not his business.

Well she called today and accused the grandchildren of taking things to sell and that she was not talking about her daughter. So once again she makes accusatory statements about my Mother's family. None of us took anything to sell, We took a few things to put in out homes so they would not be sold and stayed in the family. We all also agreed should we not want something years down the road that we would offer it to another family member before selling it or giving it away. Where out of all this she decided that we were trying to make a profit off my grandparents belongings, I don't know. See she is the one trying to make the profit,. My Mom finally finished the conversation by saying.....Once again, you are making accusations that are untrue about my family members and my family members would not take something that I could make a profit with to benefit themselves.

This woman is unbelievable. She wouldn't even let the man that stayed with my grandfather for a few weeks  for free take some old barrels from the garden. She was going to make him buy them. The things I have found for sale are unbelievable. An empty Glade glass from a candle,an empty Yankee Candle glass. It is crazy.

Time is ticking until we are done with her... and my Mom still has not seen the will.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dont judge...

This is for the woman at the movie theater line who gave me such a pitiful look when I told my nephew that I could not afford to take him to the movie that afternoon. See, we had already decided to go to the kids playhouse with a mouse. We only walked down to the theater to see if a certain movie was playing yet. I can afford to take him to a regular movie but not the $4 extra per ticket because it was only in 3D. He does not like it in 3D anyways. He told me he would like to see it so we walked down there to see the times. I was not expecting it to be $11.50 a ticket because of 3D. If you need a calculator that is $23 for two of us for an hour and a half movie with no snacks.If you add snacks, it would have been over $33. I had a coupon for the mouse place. You see for two dollars more than just the ticket price,we had 2 hours of fun plus a snack and drinks and I have half the tokens left to go another time. Win on my part. We get to go another time and I only have to buy a soda or snack.

Just so you know ,lady, I did offer him to go to a regularly priced movie that he also wanted to see but he told me that yes he wants to see it but he would rather go to the mousey place.

So next time, dont be so judgmental with your looks and make me feel guilty. He had fun anyways and gets to have fun again with the little money I did have. Maybe next time you want to give the looks maybe you should go into your pocket and help pay or eavesdrop on the whole conversation before giving judgmental looks. You only heard one part.