Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting back in the groove

I went back to the doctor for a diabetes check up. I was disappointed because the scale did not show that I had lost weight. Yet, my clothes are too big and people are telling me they can tell I have lost weight.

I did not let this discourage me though. I decided to start going back to the Y and I did. I only went for 30 minutes but it was a start.

I did observe a water aerobics class I used to take and am going to start going after Thanksgiving. I did reactivate my weight training account and will start back with that the next time I go.

I did decided to take some of my Thanksgiving Day and help serve the lonely and homeless at the Y on that day. We dont celebrate until Sunday , anyways.

All this trying to be encouraged and then lost it when the doctor does not like my numbers and wants to increase meds as soon as he gets my A1C checked again. In August it was an 11 and it should be a 6.

Just a health update for anyone that cares.

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That corgi :) said...

I think it is good that you will help serve dinner on Thanksgiving, Becky, at the Y. We helped out at the rescue mission years ago on Thanksgiving delivering meals; it was such a humbling experience! I'd do it again, but I end up working lots of Thanksgivings.

Good for you getting back to the Y and trying to get more exercise in. It is interesting how the scale didn't move, but at least it didn't go up, right?