Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's back.....

My older computer with the big screen and the bigger keyboard is back temporarily. I will only be using it to type things because the computer is old and slow. Real slow but for typing it beats the mini.

I do have good news to report.

Though I have not weighed myself, I am having to give away two pair of pants that are way too big. I bought them a size too big a few years ago but got away with them being slightly too big. I bought them too big because I bought them online and usually their clothes run small. These did not but if I had bought the next size down then they probably would have been slightly too small. Well I wore them the other day and spent most of my day pulling them up. So, showing some improvement.

I bought two shirts recently, one my size and one a size larger because that is all they had and I loved the shirt. Well both shirts are too big, one just big and the other way too big. I wear it anyways.

I know mentally I need to buy the next size down but I have not needed that size in so long that it is hard and then I worry about it being too small and wasting my money. If it is too big I can still wear it, you know.

No lectures please on the fact that stores have fitting rooms. I HATE trying on clothes. Really I HATE trying on clothes and that is being nice about it.


The Brown Recluse said...

Yeah...I hate trying on at the store. Won't do it.

Jen said...

Just try it on at home and then take it back if you need a different size:)

Btw: Thanks for my card, friend!!