Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Nice Gesture....

It really was a nice gesture to make a sympathy note for your teacher who lost her Father that week BUT.......get a dictionary.

This is what it said, word for word. It was nicely stenciled too.

Outside:   Sorry for your lost...

Inside:    But it was his time to go on and become an angle.

Yes, this was someone at least in the 9th grade. Sad thing is it is also my Alma Mater. We were taught good, can't you tell.

Kudos for her having a great heart and making the card for her teacher.Kudos for giving me my laugh for the day. Her math teacher should be proud. I have seen many images of Heavenly Angels but have yet to see a Heavenly Angle. Maybe she knows more than we know, who knows.

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