Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Well, Very busy with a project idea that I experimented with Super Glu but had to break down and buy a hot glue gun. It was well worth the $2.49.

Tada! THis is the finished project . Just turn your head sideways because as smart as I am with technology, I did not move this to another program to flop it. Sorry.

They are about 8" tall made out of bells from the Dollar Tree. Ornaments from a discount store. Ribbon mainly from Dollar Tree. Total costs without the cost of the glue gun is less than $3 a  piece. This picture does not do their beauty justice. They are beautiful. I have made 13  of them as of tonight and have sold two of them at our business for $8  a piece. The silver is my favorite. I will post a pic later of that one. I have materials for at least 10 more.

If you are on my list, you know what you are getting, :)

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