Friday, November 4, 2011

Dont judge...

This is for the woman at the movie theater line who gave me such a pitiful look when I told my nephew that I could not afford to take him to the movie that afternoon. See, we had already decided to go to the kids playhouse with a mouse. We only walked down to the theater to see if a certain movie was playing yet. I can afford to take him to a regular movie but not the $4 extra per ticket because it was only in 3D. He does not like it in 3D anyways. He told me he would like to see it so we walked down there to see the times. I was not expecting it to be $11.50 a ticket because of 3D. If you need a calculator that is $23 for two of us for an hour and a half movie with no snacks.If you add snacks, it would have been over $33. I had a coupon for the mouse place. You see for two dollars more than just the ticket price,we had 2 hours of fun plus a snack and drinks and I have half the tokens left to go another time. Win on my part. We get to go another time and I only have to buy a soda or snack.

Just so you know ,lady, I did offer him to go to a regularly priced movie that he also wanted to see but he told me that yes he wants to see it but he would rather go to the mousey place.

So next time, dont be so judgmental with your looks and make me feel guilty. He had fun anyways and gets to have fun again with the little money I did have. Maybe next time you want to give the looks maybe you should go into your pocket and help pay or eavesdrop on the whole conversation before giving judgmental looks. You only heard one part.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Bleh! Don't pay any attention to people. What do they know?