Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fat fingers....

u already know i m trying 2 get rid of my jellybelly. it should come to no surprise to you that i have fath fingers. WHAT!

I left a water cup out by the computer over night and the mischievous cat spilled it on my keyboard. It is messed up which leaves me on the mini laptop. Mini laptops are for skinny people. My fat fingers hit all the wrong keys on the keyboard on the mini.Thus u r getting my shorthand a lot.

I can not post what is on my mind or n mylife because I hit two keys at once adn end up misspellign or having other things popup by accidentally doing shortcuts i dont know about.

so bare with my til i get the new keyboard. i can tell u things are rough in the family. thanks for the email for being concerned.

please keep praying 4 my mom....more 2 come soon.

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Marcia said...

I was wondering how your doig? I reciently went on a low carb diet. Seems to be working some wonders in my complicated body. I hope things are getting better each day with your family, Keep in touch