Friday, October 14, 2011


I am beyond tired tonight and have tomorrow to get through too. Maybe when I am not so tired I will link his obituary.

I could tell  you stories to make your head spin. Here are a few quickies.

  • Crazy woman was on another vacation when he passed. She was shocked he died while she was gone. HELLO! He was in hospice.
  • Crazy woman was on a bus tour across New England when he died and could not get an immediate flight home so she and her husband rented a car and drove 10 hours.
  • While they were driving she refused for the funeral home to come remove the body. She needed to see him. She needed to lay on him and have a pity party.
  • It had been almost 15 hours by the time she made it to the house.
  • She could care less that the rest of the family was at the house all day with a dead body in the next room. It is all about her.
  • I had to go to funeral home to take a picture because she forgot, you know the executor in charge of everything.
  • I had to referee the rest of that appointment.
  • They would ask her a question and the answer would be something that was not asked.
  • The funeral director was so overwhelmed with her that he forgot to offer the use of the powerpoint and cd.
  • He pulled me to the side and asked about the pianist and organist because he forgot that too in all the confusing questions, discussions and arguments during the arrangements.
  • I scared the funeral home director because she signed the paperwork and I told him he was a fool for letting a person with Alzheimer's sign a legal document that had to do with $11 grand. His eyes were huge when I told him.
  • The cemetery man pulled my Mom back in to initial his documents because he was so flabbergasted at her sister's behavior. He said ... something is wrong with her.
  • On her 10-12 hour drive from her vacation the day he died. She called the realtor and is putting the house back on the market next week. He is not even in the ground yet.
  • She refused to allow deep dark red flowers in the fall arrangement for his casket topper. She showed up for visitation in a deep dark red suit.
  • She told one of our visitors that she was with him the two days before he died. She left Sunday  morning at 6:15 AM. That means the last time she saw him was Saturday morning because Saturday  night to Sunday morning was my Mom's shift. He died Wednesday morning. Does that add up? How can she be in two places at one time.
  • She asked her cousin of 74 years at the visitation if his brother was coming. He is an only child.
  • My grandparents had a set of friends for 70 years of their marriage. Everyone knew them. All of us. They were at everything we did. She asked my Mom who the man was tonight.
I have more...... We have discussed the option of filing the incompetent suit because of this craziness. At this moment it has been vetoed. Why? It would draw things out and at this point we are ready to be done with her. So, unless she just goes completely loopy next week, my family will put up with anything in order to be done. As much as I love my grandfather, it is time for all this to end. He deeply regretted what he did with the will and her being executor but it was too little too late. I personally think that is one reason he hung on so long was so he could change things. She argued again that my grandfather forced her to go to the lawyer. He didn't put a gun at her head. My Mom just reminds her that he asked my Mother to do the same the month before and remove her sister. Then my Mom says... I had too much integrity, as for you... you have none.
She stands there looking dumb.

Please pray that this is a fast process. ( I want it to be fast but still think calling the realtor and setting up appointments the day he died is ridiculous. The body was not even cold yet .) I know this will not be peaceful, so now I just pray for speed. The sooner it is done , the sooner it is done.

Off to bed, long day tomorrow.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Oh my goodness, Becky! That is just almost beyond belief for you all.

I'm so sorry about your grandfather. That's enough to have to deal with, without dealing with your mom's sister. I know she's sick, but surely she is in her mind enough to act right for a minute.

Again...I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for y'all today.