Wednesday, October 12, 2011


BEEDABO! A nickname given to me from my grandfather when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Only he was allowed to call me that. My late Uncle Leroy would try and I would tell him he could not do that, only my grandfather. My cousin would tease me but he knew better. I outgrew that name over time. As you age , you get embarrassed about nicknames.

BEEDABEEDABOBO BEEDABEEDABO! Sounds similar. I was flabbergasted when out of the blue my nephew started singing this to me. He knew nothing about my nickname. It was words he just came up with. I have him recorded on my phone singing this. I then told him what my nickname was and he laughed and will occasionally sing this to me. I don't get mad because I am fascinated.

I write all this to say that on Sunday I went to visit my grandfather and he was not doing well. It was just a week before I visited him and he referred to me as BEEDABO again out of the blue. That will be the last time I ever hear him say that in person because it will always be a memory now. My grandfather went to be with Jesus this morning. He is happy and rejoicing. We are sad.

We had good times and we had a  LOT of bad times.  He made mistakes, he regretted some mistakes. One of his mistakes was showing favoritism to the oldest grandchild and to the youngest grandchild, myself. The other three were ignored. See he really favored grandchild #1, the other 3 were second fiddle and then when I came along years and years later he tried to change. The other three have dealt with it , forgiven and moved on. This is good.

 In the end, all that matters is he was the best grandfather he knew how to be.

Saxe April 14, 1914 to October 12, 2011  REJOICE Saxe you are with Jesus and Marie (FeFe)


That corgi :) said...

I am so sorry, Becky, about the passing of your grandfather. I know its been a rough journey for your family over the past year or so dealing with "issues" within your family. I truly believe God gave you a great gift in having your grandfather call you by your special nickname he gave you during his final days on earth as a reminder that no matter what, he was still and will always be your grandfather who loved you all, even if he chose to play favorites, etc. I am sure he is in no more pain and suffering and is enjoying his new life on the other side of eternity.

Again, I am so sorry.


Marcia said...

May God bless you during this hard time. Stay strong, and try to put on a happy face, it will make you feel better. I hope your family comes together at this time, and strengthen as it grows with out its monarch.

Take some time for yourself during this hard time. And be sure to write, and clear your head, even if it dosent make sense to us, we are hear to listen and be support for you.