Sunday, October 2, 2011


My mind is changing. I went to our local fall festival. The highlight of the festival is usually the food. I usually get butterfly fries, roasted corn, soda, and some other fried or fattening food. The only thing fried that appealed to me were fresh mini doughnuts. So I knew that would be ok as a splurge and I would be sharing with my Mother and nephew. So I looked for what I wanted to eat. Nothing was appealing to me but grilled chicken teriyaki.This was appealing to me because at the chinese restaurants this is fried but here it is grilled. It was delicious. I chose to get the roasted corn which was great too. I did get the dozen mini doughnuts with cinnamon sugar but I shared them. Oh they were delicious fresh and warm. Almost like being at Krispy Kreme when the Hot Doughnuts Now sign is on. As for the soda... I brought my own water with a lemonade packet. Go me! Not only did this save me calories but money. Since I eat at home so much I dont like to pay money for what I can make at home. I especially dont like to pay ridiculous money for fair food I can cook at home. I will spend it , however, on things I dont usually cook at home. I don't cook grilled chicken teriyaki because I have yet to find a sauce that is not sweet. I do not roast corn at home, too much trouble. I do not cook mini doughnuts at home, I would be in so much trouble if I did.

I did walk my butt of to get to all the exhibits and have been walking at least a mile almost everyday. My legs can feel it in the muscle that has been awaken by walking harder and longer.

The best part of my mind changing..... The highlight was not the food but watching and enjoying my nephew as he played in the hay maze and enjoyed the old time exhibits.