Friday, February 26, 2010


Watch your words because there may be backlash later.

Years ago my neighbors bought a basketball stand and net. We disliked it very much. Why, you ask? Because they parked it in the street in the gutter. Our streets are prone to flooding and add a basketball hoop to the mix and it is a disaster even in a sprinkle. The water could not drain down to the sewer. They were oblivious.

So for years we put up with teenagers in the street playing hoops. Not that bad, you say. Try teenagers in the street that refuse to move when you drive down the street. Add to this, teenagers when they do decide to move , decide to stand in front of your driveway while you are sitting there in your car with your signal on unable to park because they just cant comprehend that it is your driveway.

It was awesome as he grew older the basketball hoop was moved to the backyard, neglected. Well until Wednesday....... My nephew and his buddy were playing football in our front yard. I heard them talking to our neighbor. I then heard louder noise and went to the door to see that stupid basketball stand and hoop being moved to my driveway. I was stunned.

I went out to find out what happened and to somewhat be polite and fake excited. I thought maybe he let them borrow it, oh no I then found out that the conversation was the following:

Neighbor: "You guys like basketball."
Boys: "Yeah."
Neighbor : "Do you want a basketball stand and hoop?"
Boys: " YEAH."
Neighbor: " Great, you can have ours."

So what went wrong in this scenario. Were we asked? No. Do we want it? NO. Nothing to do but be polite . So now we have an eyesore of a basketball stand right in our front yard. OH BOY!
You know the same one we disliked for so many years. Oh my, backlash.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids say the darnest things....

I subbed today for a Pre-K class today. I realized today that middle schoolers act like preschoolers but the preschoolers can use the excuse that they are preschoolers. It was real sad to see the similarities in behavior. It made me have a lot of appreciation for the regular teacher and the assistant too. I thought this was the age I want to eventually teach but oh no. Teaching 5-6 preschoolers is great but 18 preschoolers is crazy. Just plain crazy. Every few minutes one of them has to go potty.

One little girl walked up to me and told me she had to go poopy. I took her to the girls restroom and waited outside the restroom. I waited and waited and waited. I called her name . She responded with this...." When you poopy, you must clean your butt and I am cleaning my butt." I had to laugh.

Same child different conversation. She was upset because she did not return her library book so she could not check out a new book. She came and sat on my lap and cried. She then looked at me and said, "I have brudders." My response, " Well I have a brother and a sister too. " She looked at me puzzled and said, " I HAVE BOOGERS." Ewwh, gross. I quickly got up and found a tissue.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This and That....

Just a modge podge post tonight.
I picked up lunch today at Hot Dog King. Those who live here know that place well. I was waiting for my order to be ready at the counter and was observing a man eating his hot dog. Well he had a long moustache. Not long out to the side but long over his lips. Yes it was well trimmed but still long.
My thoughts... Ewwh! His food goes through his moustache when he eats. How gross! I mean why would you want to have a moustache so long that your food gets in it. YUCK! I mean if he found a hair in his food he would be mad but it is ok to pass it through his hairy moustache first. BLAHH! Then the food is stuck there too after you eat. EHH!

I substituted for an inclusion class today. I had to really help two students with their work but the rest of the class were general ed kids and were fine. One kid was being extremely helpful to me and the two kids I was helping. Their regular teacher came in and I told her how helpful that one student was. She looked at me and said, " This will shock you. All three of those kids are autistic including the one helping you and the other two so much. " That blew me away. I mean if that kid can learn to use his disability to educate and help others, what an awesome man. We complain so much about life but we really do have it easy. This kid has so much in his way and does not let it stop him and tries for it to not stop his friends either. Just awesome and I was glad I had the opportunity to work with him today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter or Summer...

If you could choose to have one season all year long, which would you choose winter or summer?

This question came up in the teacher's lounge today. Surprisingly enough in a room of 4 people, I was the odd man out. Everyone would rather live with winter all long than the typical summer around here. I was flabbergasted.

Winter is so blue, gloomy and depressing. You have to wear so many clothes and layers. You have to wear coats. If you go shopping you have to carry your coat around everywhere in the store and mall. Too much trouble. I do not like to Christmas shop for that very reason. You also have to defrost your car before leaving in the morning. Oh winter is too much trouble. Yes , the occasional snow is pretty but after day one I have cabin fever. The sun goes down at 5, yes 5, way too early.

As for the summer around here, yes it is hot and humid. The days are beautiful with the bright sun. You can go out and about and have fun outdoors or just sit in your air condition. You can go swimming or picnic. The fresh vegetables are in demand. The pools, the water parks and the amusement parks. Oh my! Vacations and holidays. Shorts and t-shirts. Grilling out. Oh , and a nice hot summer night with just a slight breeze. The sun stays up until 8 or 9. Summer is great with a big glass of fresh brewed sweet tea. AHHH! Summertime.

So what would you choose.... Winter or Summer?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I love butterflies. I was subbing in an English class today. The teacher had butterflies everywhere and quotes. This quote caught my attention all day today.

If nothing in the world changes. There would be no butterflies.
author unknown

I really needed to see this and dwelled on it all day. I have been through a lot of changes lately and have to believe it is all going to be beautiful and worth it in the end.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just stuff....

Well , when it snows I love for my yard to stay white and beautiful with no footprints. It lasted for two days until the newspaper carrier decided to throw the newspaper in the middle of the yard and not the driveway. So I awoke to this.....

Yep they messed up my perfect snowfall. So I marched to the kitchen to see my perfect backyard and what did I see. A wild animal had walked all over the backyard too. My perfect snow filled yard was gone. What a bummer! ( Sorry no picture of that

Update on Cocoa, the stray kitty. She is still in the garage. I tried to let her out again today. She really wanted to go. She was excited when I went to the door. She put her paws up as if she was about to jump out the screen door with no screen. She looked again at that white stuff and turned around. She came back again, poked her head out the door as if to find a path. She looked at me and turned around again. She did not try a third time. She just looked at me like I was crazy for standing there at the door letting the cold in. Oh well, supposed to clear up tomorrow.

On the subject of inclement weather. Pray for me because school is out again tomorrow so I can not earn any money. Last Friday and today were teacher's work days so no pay. I was only able to get three days last week. I will just have to remember that God is in control even when times are tough

Ohh, this blog was supposed to be about my weight loss journey. Ummh, we wont talk about that right now but I will say I am getting my plan together.