Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids say the darnest things....

I subbed today for a Pre-K class today. I realized today that middle schoolers act like preschoolers but the preschoolers can use the excuse that they are preschoolers. It was real sad to see the similarities in behavior. It made me have a lot of appreciation for the regular teacher and the assistant too. I thought this was the age I want to eventually teach but oh no. Teaching 5-6 preschoolers is great but 18 preschoolers is crazy. Just plain crazy. Every few minutes one of them has to go potty.

One little girl walked up to me and told me she had to go poopy. I took her to the girls restroom and waited outside the restroom. I waited and waited and waited. I called her name . She responded with this...." When you poopy, you must clean your butt and I am cleaning my butt." I had to laugh.

Same child different conversation. She was upset because she did not return her library book so she could not check out a new book. She came and sat on my lap and cried. She then looked at me and said, "I have brudders." My response, " Well I have a brother and a sister too. " She looked at me puzzled and said, " I HAVE BOOGERS." Ewwh, gross. I quickly got up and found a tissue.

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