Monday, February 1, 2010

Just stuff....

Well , when it snows I love for my yard to stay white and beautiful with no footprints. It lasted for two days until the newspaper carrier decided to throw the newspaper in the middle of the yard and not the driveway. So I awoke to this.....

Yep they messed up my perfect snowfall. So I marched to the kitchen to see my perfect backyard and what did I see. A wild animal had walked all over the backyard too. My perfect snow filled yard was gone. What a bummer! ( Sorry no picture of that

Update on Cocoa, the stray kitty. She is still in the garage. I tried to let her out again today. She really wanted to go. She was excited when I went to the door. She put her paws up as if she was about to jump out the screen door with no screen. She looked again at that white stuff and turned around. She came back again, poked her head out the door as if to find a path. She looked at me and turned around again. She did not try a third time. She just looked at me like I was crazy for standing there at the door letting the cold in. Oh well, supposed to clear up tomorrow.

On the subject of inclement weather. Pray for me because school is out again tomorrow so I can not earn any money. Last Friday and today were teacher's work days so no pay. I was only able to get three days last week. I will just have to remember that God is in control even when times are tough

Ohh, this blog was supposed to be about my weight loss journey. Ummh, we wont talk about that right now but I will say I am getting my plan together.

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That corgi :) said...

said a prayer for you this morning Becky; I know God will meet your needs

it is fun to see the freshly fallen snow untouched by tracks isn't it?? I used to enjoy the bunny tracks in our backyard when we lived in Montana and then of course it was fun to allow Koda to romp around and see his cute prints