Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter or Summer...

If you could choose to have one season all year long, which would you choose winter or summer?

This question came up in the teacher's lounge today. Surprisingly enough in a room of 4 people, I was the odd man out. Everyone would rather live with winter all long than the typical summer around here. I was flabbergasted.

Winter is so blue, gloomy and depressing. You have to wear so many clothes and layers. You have to wear coats. If you go shopping you have to carry your coat around everywhere in the store and mall. Too much trouble. I do not like to Christmas shop for that very reason. You also have to defrost your car before leaving in the morning. Oh winter is too much trouble. Yes , the occasional snow is pretty but after day one I have cabin fever. The sun goes down at 5, yes 5, way too early.

As for the summer around here, yes it is hot and humid. The days are beautiful with the bright sun. You can go out and about and have fun outdoors or just sit in your air condition. You can go swimming or picnic. The fresh vegetables are in demand. The pools, the water parks and the amusement parks. Oh my! Vacations and holidays. Shorts and t-shirts. Grilling out. Oh , and a nice hot summer night with just a slight breeze. The sun stays up until 8 or 9. Summer is great with a big glass of fresh brewed sweet tea. AHHH! Summertime.

So what would you choose.... Winter or Summer?


That corgi :) said...

that is easy since I live in summer (almost) year round. Summer for the very reasons you listed. When we lived in Montana I was cold for 9 months (October through May).


The Brown Recluse said...

I want spring and fall...not summer and winter choices! But like you, summer wins hands down!!!

Lyn said...

I would SO choose summer in an instant! I find it very difficult to not HATE winter, after the holidays are over. Jan/Feb are the worst months for me. Yes, I cannot wait for summer!!