Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This and That....

Just a modge podge post tonight.
I picked up lunch today at Hot Dog King. Those who live here know that place well. I was waiting for my order to be ready at the counter and was observing a man eating his hot dog. Well he had a long moustache. Not long out to the side but long over his lips. Yes it was well trimmed but still long.
My thoughts... Ewwh! His food goes through his moustache when he eats. How gross! I mean why would you want to have a moustache so long that your food gets in it. YUCK! I mean if he found a hair in his food he would be mad but it is ok to pass it through his hairy moustache first. BLAHH! Then the food is stuck there too after you eat. EHH!

I substituted for an inclusion class today. I had to really help two students with their work but the rest of the class were general ed kids and were fine. One kid was being extremely helpful to me and the two kids I was helping. Their regular teacher came in and I told her how helpful that one student was. She looked at me and said, " This will shock you. All three of those kids are autistic including the one helping you and the other two so much. " That blew me away. I mean if that kid can learn to use his disability to educate and help others, what an awesome man. We complain so much about life but we really do have it easy. This kid has so much in his way and does not let it stop him and tries for it to not stop his friends either. Just awesome and I was glad I had the opportunity to work with him today.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Your next boyfriend will have a 'tache just like that! lolol

Autism...such a sad thing, but not hopeless, as these youngsters have shown us!