Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fat fingers....

u already know i m trying 2 get rid of my jellybelly. it should come to no surprise to you that i have fath fingers. WHAT!

I left a water cup out by the computer over night and the mischievous cat spilled it on my keyboard. It is messed up which leaves me on the mini laptop. Mini laptops are for skinny people. My fat fingers hit all the wrong keys on the keyboard on the mini.Thus u r getting my shorthand a lot.

I can not post what is on my mind or n mylife because I hit two keys at once adn end up misspellign or having other things popup by accidentally doing shortcuts i dont know about.

so bare with my til i get the new keyboard. i can tell u things are rough in the family. thanks for the email for being concerned.

please keep praying 4 my mom....more 2 come soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pappy was Happy

Pappy was happy today. Pappy is what my nephew called my grandfather. My nephew was an honorary pallbearer. He walked with his Daddy and then behind the casket at the grave site. I was so proud of him.

We went back to the grave site to release some balloons my cousin forgot at the funeral. It was a huge beautiful butterfly.

On the way home, we stopped by Putt-Putt Arcade as a reward for how great my nephew was today. My Mom felt weird going there on the day she buried her Father but also agreed it would be good for my nephew. We only went in for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes, my nephew won the jackpot on one of the games and won 450 tickets. At the arcade you exchange your tickets for prizes.Sometimes we are there an hour and never get close to that number. He was so excited. I mean so excited.

I got in the car and told my nephew and Mom that Pappy was so happy that he rewarded Cameron today with all those tickets. You see these tickets are like money to a kid. My grandfather LOVED money. So Pappy was happy for Cameron today.

My smirk said it all....

My smirk said it all... Yes, it did. I walked down for the processional behind my parents with this really weird smirk on my face. I know the congregation thought it was strange but it was a victory smirk. I know that sounds horrible at a funeral but yes it was a victory smirk but it was not just for me it was for my grandfather too. It was a " See What We Did to Make Her Mad" smirk.

Well, they started to line us up to walk down the church. She , you know the crazy lady , had told the funeral director that the grandchildren should be lined up oldest to youngest with their families. One problem, that left me on the end with no one. I had already asked my Mother if she wanted me beside her because I know my Dad is not a "comforter". She said yes. The crazy lady was having no part of this. It had to be oldest to youngest. Why? Because her kids would be first because my brother , the second oldest was upstairs doing the sound system. How convenient, her kids first, even in the obituary, her kids first. She kept insisting and so did the funeral director. All four of us that were downstairs took a stand and refused. The director was at a loss. She kept fussing and was holding up the funeral fussing. So my cousins took two steps forward and told her ok we will go oldest to youngest. She was happy. Once she started down the aisle with her husband, we changed the order back around to where I was with my Mom, then my cousins and their family and my sister last with her family because she chose to be.

Ohh, the look on her face when she looked down the pew to see that I was not her son. That face scrunched all up with disapproval. I looked at her with my smirk and grinned from ear to ear. We trumped her. Then I was thinking Saxe you would be so proud, we got her. The last few weeks he almost hated her and definitely regretted his anger decision a few months ago towards my Mom. Like I said, it was too little too late but oh he would have loved to have seen that face too.

She is such a control-freak hung up on the "oldest child " syndrome. That is what she says to my Mother all the time. I am the oldest child. I was born first. So this little stand we took may seem small to most families but it was huge to us. It meant, #1 we are tired of the control, #2 we are tired of her putting such importance on the first born pecking order #3 we were tired of her and  #4 we were all united and she was not winning. She did not win this battle. Oh she thought she did until she looked left and saw it did not go her away. She stewed the whole funeral. It was so worth it.

Side note.... My father proved me a little wrong. I said that he was not a "comforter". Well during the funeral, I was the one comforting my Mom with my arm around her. I was planning on walking down the aisle with her and holding her hand while he walked with his walker. He shocked us all at the recessional. He took his walker with one hand then reached out for hers and held her hand down the aisle with the walker. That made me cry even more. My Dad just does not do that. I was so proud of him ......well until he pooted in the limousine.

Had to leave you with a chuckle.

Well not really. One more thing. My grandfather gave my Mother his prized wallet weeks ago full of money. Almost 10 grand. He told her to keep it until the will is read. If the will is read that everything should be 50/50 then they should split it. If the will is not read that way, my Mom is to keep it until which time her sister did what was right. If she did not do right then my Mom was to keep it as a gift. On the limo ride home from the cemetery , her sister asked for the wallet. She said it either it needed to be split or put in the trust. My Mom simply said that she had just buried her father and wishes not to discuss such things on this day. Her sister was peeved again. She will be even more peeved when she has the notarized last wishes written by my grandfather 5 weeks ago put in her face at the reading of the will.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I am beyond tired tonight and have tomorrow to get through too. Maybe when I am not so tired I will link his obituary.

I could tell  you stories to make your head spin. Here are a few quickies.

  • Crazy woman was on another vacation when he passed. She was shocked he died while she was gone. HELLO! He was in hospice.
  • Crazy woman was on a bus tour across New England when he died and could not get an immediate flight home so she and her husband rented a car and drove 10 hours.
  • While they were driving she refused for the funeral home to come remove the body. She needed to see him. She needed to lay on him and have a pity party.
  • It had been almost 15 hours by the time she made it to the house.
  • She could care less that the rest of the family was at the house all day with a dead body in the next room. It is all about her.
  • I had to go to funeral home to take a picture because she forgot, you know the executor in charge of everything.
  • I had to referee the rest of that appointment.
  • They would ask her a question and the answer would be something that was not asked.
  • The funeral director was so overwhelmed with her that he forgot to offer the use of the powerpoint and cd.
  • He pulled me to the side and asked about the pianist and organist because he forgot that too in all the confusing questions, discussions and arguments during the arrangements.
  • I scared the funeral home director because she signed the paperwork and I told him he was a fool for letting a person with Alzheimer's sign a legal document that had to do with $11 grand. His eyes were huge when I told him.
  • The cemetery man pulled my Mom back in to initial his documents because he was so flabbergasted at her sister's behavior. He said ... something is wrong with her.
  • On her 10-12 hour drive from her vacation the day he died. She called the realtor and is putting the house back on the market next week. He is not even in the ground yet.
  • She refused to allow deep dark red flowers in the fall arrangement for his casket topper. She showed up for visitation in a deep dark red suit.
  • She told one of our visitors that she was with him the two days before he died. She left Sunday  morning at 6:15 AM. That means the last time she saw him was Saturday morning because Saturday  night to Sunday morning was my Mom's shift. He died Wednesday morning. Does that add up? How can she be in two places at one time.
  • She asked her cousin of 74 years at the visitation if his brother was coming. He is an only child.
  • My grandparents had a set of friends for 70 years of their marriage. Everyone knew them. All of us. They were at everything we did. She asked my Mom who the man was tonight.
I have more...... We have discussed the option of filing the incompetent suit because of this craziness. At this moment it has been vetoed. Why? It would draw things out and at this point we are ready to be done with her. So, unless she just goes completely loopy next week, my family will put up with anything in order to be done. As much as I love my grandfather, it is time for all this to end. He deeply regretted what he did with the will and her being executor but it was too little too late. I personally think that is one reason he hung on so long was so he could change things. She argued again that my grandfather forced her to go to the lawyer. He didn't put a gun at her head. My Mom just reminds her that he asked my Mother to do the same the month before and remove her sister. Then my Mom says... I had too much integrity, as for you... you have none.
She stands there looking dumb.

Please pray that this is a fast process. ( I want it to be fast but still think calling the realtor and setting up appointments the day he died is ridiculous. The body was not even cold yet .) I know this will not be peaceful, so now I just pray for speed. The sooner it is done , the sooner it is done.

Off to bed, long day tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


BEEDABO! A nickname given to me from my grandfather when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Only he was allowed to call me that. My late Uncle Leroy would try and I would tell him he could not do that, only my grandfather. My cousin would tease me but he knew better. I outgrew that name over time. As you age , you get embarrassed about nicknames.

BEEDABEEDABOBO BEEDABEEDABO! Sounds similar. I was flabbergasted when out of the blue my nephew started singing this to me. He knew nothing about my nickname. It was words he just came up with. I have him recorded on my phone singing this. I then told him what my nickname was and he laughed and will occasionally sing this to me. I don't get mad because I am fascinated.

I write all this to say that on Sunday I went to visit my grandfather and he was not doing well. It was just a week before I visited him and he referred to me as BEEDABO again out of the blue. That will be the last time I ever hear him say that in person because it will always be a memory now. My grandfather went to be with Jesus this morning. He is happy and rejoicing. We are sad.

We had good times and we had a  LOT of bad times.  He made mistakes, he regretted some mistakes. One of his mistakes was showing favoritism to the oldest grandchild and to the youngest grandchild, myself. The other three were ignored. See he really favored grandchild #1, the other 3 were second fiddle and then when I came along years and years later he tried to change. The other three have dealt with it , forgiven and moved on. This is good.

 In the end, all that matters is he was the best grandfather he knew how to be.

Saxe April 14, 1914 to October 12, 2011  REJOICE Saxe you are with Jesus and Marie (FeFe)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I took my nephew to a local corn maize and pumpkin patch. The maze was nothing small. In an hour and a half all we did was walk and walk and walk. After all that time we had only completed half the maze. Good thing I had been walking a lot lately. I am completely exhausted. It was a great day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grin and Bear It...

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

I was in a home ec class today. My last class had 28 regular ed students and 4 special ed students with their teacher's assistant. It was a 6th grade class, not my favorite. There was one overweight child in with the special ed students that would just get up and walk around. On one of her trips around the classroom, she walked up to me and out her face in my face. OK, a little bin uncomfortable for me, she is now in my personal space. Then she says to me...." You need to go on a diet and exercise program so you can be skinny like me."  I stood there with no response. Nothing I could have said would have made a difference anyways. I did want to say.... You think you are skinny. HAHA!  I did not though. I just put a big grin on my face and went with it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


My mind is changing. I went to our local fall festival. The highlight of the festival is usually the food. I usually get butterfly fries, roasted corn, soda, and some other fried or fattening food. The only thing fried that appealed to me were fresh mini doughnuts. So I knew that would be ok as a splurge and I would be sharing with my Mother and nephew. So I looked for what I wanted to eat. Nothing was appealing to me but grilled chicken teriyaki.This was appealing to me because at the chinese restaurants this is fried but here it is grilled. It was delicious. I chose to get the roasted corn which was great too. I did get the dozen mini doughnuts with cinnamon sugar but I shared them. Oh they were delicious fresh and warm. Almost like being at Krispy Kreme when the Hot Doughnuts Now sign is on. As for the soda... I brought my own water with a lemonade packet. Go me! Not only did this save me calories but money. Since I eat at home so much I dont like to pay money for what I can make at home. I especially dont like to pay ridiculous money for fair food I can cook at home. I will spend it , however, on things I dont usually cook at home. I don't cook grilled chicken teriyaki because I have yet to find a sauce that is not sweet. I do not roast corn at home, too much trouble. I do not cook mini doughnuts at home, I would be in so much trouble if I did.

I did walk my butt of to get to all the exhibits and have been walking at least a mile almost everyday. My legs can feel it in the muscle that has been awaken by walking harder and longer.

The best part of my mind changing..... The highlight was not the food but watching and enjoying my nephew as he played in the hay maze and enjoyed the old time exhibits.